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Teams Open to New York City Solo Participants

Open Teams: Nebraska - Wyoming

Team Name:  AFSP Nebraska Chapter
Team Captain: Jennifer Moffett

Currently, we do not have any open Nevada Teams. Contact us now to create an open team in your area.

Team Name:  Adam Reinhart
Team Captain: Kelly Flanders

Team Name:  AFSP New Hampshire
Team Captain: Emily Feugill

Team Name:  Be The Light
Team Captain: Bryan Loveland

Team Name:  Bunker Boys Gang
Team Captain: Elizabeth Noiles

Team Name:  Kory M. Hays
Team Captain: Kelly D'Errico

Team Name:  Living a Good Life
Team Captain: Kristin Gardner

Team Name:  Miles for Morgynne
Team Captain: Jordan Shea

Team Name:  RUCK UP
Team Captain: Anthony [AJ] Paige

Team Name:  Shin Derek
Team Captain: Hilary Somers

Team Name:  Team Impact
Team Captain: Courtney Stillings

Team Name:  #HobokenHope
Team Captain: Diane Gnassi

Team Name:  #MillerStrong
Team Captain: Grace Lynch

Team Name:  4MD’s
Team Captain: Magdalena Spariosu

Team Name:  Andrew V Bradshaw
Team Captain: Marisa Bradshaw

Team Name:  Butterflies For Chanta
Team Captain: Felicia Johnson

Team Name:  Caring for Cathie
Team Captain: Crystal Anthony

Team Name:  Counseling Crew
Team Captain: Nicole Siha

Team Name:  Find Your Reason
Team Captain: Victoria Campbell

Team Name:  For Noah-Prevent Active Military Suicide
Team Captain: Yoni Samuel-Siegel

Team Name:  Honoring Omar E Perez
Team Captain: Ralph Perez

Team Name:  Johnny C’s Superstars
Team Captain: Lexi Barbuto

Team Name:  K's Krew
Team Captain: Lona Jensen

Team Name:  Kameena's Light
Team Captain: Jacqueline Rodriguez

Team Name:  Kripsy Kreme
Team Captain: Ashley Kirk

Team Name:  Live Life;
Team Captain: Te'Amo Bailey

Team Name:  Mayday
Team Captain: Ryan May

Team Name:  Michael's Mechanics
Team Captain: Joann Hall

Team Name:  RBS- NEWARK
Team Captain: W Ray Williams

Team Name:  Resilience
Team Captain: Xinyan Huang

Team Name:  Royal Fight
Team Captain: Mary Beth Burke

Team Name:  Sandy Leigh Boyle
Team Captain: Michael Boyle

Team Name:  Shaniqua
Team Captain: Terrence Greene

Team Name:  Suicide Sucks
Team Captain: Holly DeSantis

Team Name:  Survivors
Team Captain: Denise Sebastiano

Team Name:  Survivors of the Stigma
Team Captain: Katherine Stemmermann

Team Name:  Tarren It Up
Team Captain: Tarren Roman

Team Name:  Team Abe - Extinguish the Stigma
Team Captain: Juliet Pitre

Team Name:  Team Burke
Team Captain: Brianna Burke

Team Name:  Team Carl Legg
Team Captain: Nancy Legg

Team Name:  Team Papillon
Team Captain: Robert Casey Becht

Team Name:  Team Renza
Team Captain: Jason Aulffo

Team Name:  Team Riley
Team Captain: Mary Branstrom

Team Name:  Team Dom
Team Captain: Jeanette Simons

Team Name:  Team Shiv
Team Captain: Shilpa Kulkarni

Team Name:  Team Sunshine
Team Captain: Tara Collazo

Team Name:  The Coven
Team Captain: Michelle Meola

Team Name:  The K-Team
Team Captain: Derrick Matai

Team Name:  The Powerful Penguins
Team Captain: Kimberly Conklin

Team Name:  Together We Can
Team Captain: Tatiana Metje

Team Name:  Trotters for Mental Health
Team Captain: Ankush Jain

Team Name:  Remembering Victor
Team Captain: Anna Herrera

Team Name:  #teambriguy
Team Captain: Danielle Mummery

Team Name:  30 Walk
Team Captain: Carly Thompson

Team Name:  Adam
Team Captain: Tara Friedlander

Team Name:  AFSP - Long Island Chapter
Team Captain: Anne Deubel

Team Name:  AFSP Capital Region New York
Team Captain: Jen Hoffman

Team Name:  AFSP Central/ Southern Tier NY Chapter
Team Captain: Beverly Schmidt

Team Name:  AFSP NYC
Team Captain: Hannah Moch

Team Name:  AFSP Western NY Chapter
Team Captain: Tracy Burkovichl

Team Name:  Always & Forever, Yours.
Team Captain: Charlstie Veith

Team Name:  Ambreen Haider's Team
Team Captain: Ambreen Haider

Team Name:  April
Team Captain: April Barton

Team Name:  Baggio's Brigade
Team Captain: Robert Erardy

Team Name:  Californians Runnin’ Wild
Team Captain: Abigail Benitez

Team Name:  Camp Kita Walkers
Team Captain: Steven Karaiskos

Team Name:  characters for Chris, forever 22
Team Captain: Mary Dwyer

Team Name:  Chrissy's Wish
Team Captain: Diana Rossi Dennis

Team Name:  Courtney’s Cause
Team Captain: David Barnett

Team Name:  Crisis Text Line
Team Captain: Maggy Kucera

Team Name:  Dancing Angels
Team Captain: Donna Casanova -Ricci

Team Name:  D'Onofrio's
Team Captain: Krista D'Onofrio

Team Name:  Discover Cares
Team Captain: Olivia Rich

Team Name:  Dynamic Divas
Team Captain: Shnique Clark

Team Name:  Electa Chapter #14
Team Captain: LaShay Kyles

Team Name:  Even When I Give Up, I Never Give Up
Team Captain: Marley Hunt

Team Name:  Everytime We Walk
Team Captain: Madeline Manning

Team Name:  Fender
Team Captain: Allison Sohan

Team Name:  For DiAna
Team Captain: Noreen Clarke

Team Name:  For Kevin
Team Captain: Christopher Amato

Team Name:  For Millsz on Wheelz
Team Captain: Danielle Romero

Team Name:  Freddi's Family
Team Captain: Brian Gasior

Team Name:  Henry's Harriers
Team Captain: Christophe Armero

Team Name:  Hope for the Future
Team Captain: Tammi Guthrie

Team Captain: Rich Specht

Team Name:  In a League of Our Own
Team Captain: Mindy Davidson

Team Name:  in loving memory of Tricky/Alex
Team Captain: Ewelina Mrowiec

Team Name:  Intentional Healing & Wellness
Team Captain: Andrea Mancuso

Team Name:  It's Okay Not to Be Okay
Team Captain: Delancey King

Team Name:  Just Getting Started
Team Captain: Thomas Gubelli

Team Name:  Jonahs Mission For Kids
Team Captain: Jeremy Thode

Team Name:  Just Ask
Team Captain: Heather Grube

Team Name:  Let us walk
Team Captain: Morgan Lucas

Team Name:  Lexi's Life Mattered
Team Captain: Carol Cordova-Padilla

Team Name:  Maidenberg
Team Captain: Michelle Maidenberg

Team Name:  Mental Health Matters
Team Captain: Marisa Singer

Team Name:  Mind the Class
Team Captain: Nadine Wilches

Team Name:  Natasha McCartney, LCSWR
Team Captain: Natasha McCartney

Team Name:  No Endings In Light (Neil)
Team Captain: Catherine Acevedo

Team Name:  NYPD Bronx Special Victims
Team Captain: Arlyn Zapata

Team Name:  NYU Langone Brooklyn
Team Captain: Aparna Dole

Team Captain: Kenneth Trail

Team Name:  Queenie Smiles
Team Captain: Karen Tierney

Team Name:  Rafael Giordani
Team Captain: Jennifer Mercado

Team Name:  RomSOM
Team Captain: Brandon Muncan

Team Name:  Sammi’s Survivors
Team Captain: Sammi Taplitz

Team Name:  Shackers!!!
Team Captain: Meredith Doll

Team Name:  Siblings Lost to Suicide Support Grp-NYCi
Team Captain: Kristin Mueller

Team Name:  Sigma Theta Tau
Team Captain: Chelsea Chaffee

Team Name:  Smile awhile
Team Captain: Nyree Whittaker

Team Name:  Society of the Magic VT House
Team Captain: Matthew Smith

Team Name:  Sunflowers and Rain
Team Captain: Alexandria Hines

Team Name:  Tabernacle of Praise Cathedral
Team Captain: Donna Gray

Team Name:  Tara's Team
Team Captain: Patti Ann Dempsey

Team Name:  Team Bad Asses For Life
Team Captain: Christopher Birstler

Team Name:  Team David
Team Captain: Amy Cooper

Team Name:  Team Di Ana
Team Captain: Carly Pisarri

Team Name:  Team Dom
Team Captain: George Wasek

Team Name:  Team Dziura-Perez
Team Captain: Alex Dziura

Team Name:  Team Hope - Keeping up the Fight
Team Captain: Danielle Dunn

Team Name:  Team Kamm
Team Captain: Erin Kammerer

Team Name:  Team Jeff
Team Captain: Kurtdale Navarrete

Team Name:  Team Martin
Team Captain: Cristal Finkenberg

Team Name:  Team Nika
Team Captain: Candice Braun

Team Name:  Team TRLA
Team Captain: Lisa Ann

Team Name:  Teresa's Team
Team Captain: Anthony Rea

Team Name:  thank YOU for being alive
Team Captain: Danielle Liu

Team Name:  The Dynamic Duo
Team Captain: Ross Macaluso

Team Name:  Team of Brothers
Team Captain: David Huber

Team Name:  The Next Right Thing
Team Captain: Emeline Paredes

Team Name:  Therapy On The Move
Team Captain: Melanie Reid

Team Name:  This is Howie Shine
Team Captain: Lauryn Solomon

Team Name:  Walking for Wellness
Team Captain: Ambreen Khan

Team Name:  WARR;ORS Not Alone
Team Captain: Emily Derrenbacher

Team Name:  You Mean More
Team Captain: Meghna Grover

Team Name:  50 Shades of King
Team Captain: Judy Lott

Team Name:  AFSP North Carolina
Team Captain: Vanessa Bassett

Team Name:  Team Phil
Team Captain: Shelly Frazier

Currently, we do not have any open North Dakota Teams. Contact us now to create an open team in your area.

Team Name:  A2J’s
Team Captain: Amy Plummer-Preuer

Team Name:  AFSP Ohio Chapter
Team Captain: Sarah Maggied

Team Name:  bri’s crew
Team Captain: Brianna Mirtich

Team Name:  Tomorrow Needs You
Team Captain: Sarah Lacy

Team Name:  AFSP Oregon Chapter
Team Captain: Angela Perry

Team Name:  Team Jake Millertime
Team Captain: Amy Micheletti

Team Name:  A Single Step
Team Captain: Kim Aubrey-Larcinese

Team Name:  AFSP Western Pennsylvania
Team Captain: Kevin Poelcher

Team Name:  Amor Vincit Omnia
Team Captain: Kelly Loftus

Team Name:  BAMs
Team Captain: Tina Rothe

Team Name:  Corinne’s Crusaders
Team Captain: Jennifer Bender

Team Name:  David W Duke - For you and others
Team Captain: Karen Duke

Team Name:  Fly Kyle Fly
Team Captain: Ryan Carey

Team Name:  Francesco Bellafante's Team
Team Captain: Nancy Bellafante

Team Name:  Greg
Team Captain: Melissa Linebaugh

Team Name:  Killin' It For JMK
Team Captain: Emma Killion

Team Name:  Nancy’s Pod
Team Captain: Crystal Mcgettigan

Team Name:  NHB
Team Captain: Nicole Corser

Team Name:  Remembering J.J.
Team Captain: Joy Lesnick

Team Name:  Semicolon
Team Captain: Mackenzie Spaeth

Team Name:  Steps for Stem
Team Captain: Kaitlin Snyder

Team Name:  Team Here For You
Team Captain: Raquel Johnson-DeVera

Team Name:  Team S.O.L.E.S. (New York)
Team Captain: Jamie Augustinsky

Team Name:  Twelve 23 Resale Boutique
Team Captain: Jennifer Hedrick

Team Name:  Where There's a Will There's a Way
Team Captain: Christine Turner

Currently, we do not have any open Rhode Island Teams. Contact us now to create an open team in your area.

Team Name:  Team Jake
Team Captain: Roger Pennycuff

Team Name:  Tommy’s Story Continues;
Team Captain: Braylee Morehead

Team Name:  AFSP South Dakota
Team Captain: Angela Drake

Team Name:  Blythe49
Team Captain: Anne Franklin

Team Name:  Purple Penguins
Team Captain: Nicholas Collins

Team Name:  #NeverAlone
Team Captain: Julie Hall

Team Name:  AFSP Central TEXAS - Love Louder
Team Captain: Amy Grosso

Team Name:  AFSP North Texas
Team Captain: William Floyd

Team Name:  Chappell’s Hope
Team Captain: Sarah Hope

Team Name:  Guitar Heroes
Team Captain: Chloe Stevens

Team Name:  JDAO
Team Captain: Victoria Dao

Team Name:  Sisterhood of Survivors (SOS)
Team Captain: Lesley Judkins

Team Name:  Team Brittanie Never Alone
Team Captain: Annette Becerra

Team Name:  Team SOLOS
Team Captain: Brittany Foster

Team Name:  Trish89
Team Captain: Jason Mercurio

Team Name:  Until We Meet Again
Team Captain: Cheryl Cash

Team Name:  Walking Warriors
Team Captain: Christine Mirich

Team Name:  AFSP Utah
Team Captain: Taryn Hiatt

Currently, we do not have any open Vermont Teams. Contact us now to create an open team in your area.

Team Name:  Allie's Wonderland
Team Captain: Elizabeth Biddle

Team Name:  Cliff’s Crew
Team Captain: Edward McPike

Team Name:  Cliff’s Crew
Team Captain: Edward McPike

Team Name:  Military Suicide Prevention
Team Captain: Elora McCutcheon

Team Name:  Stoney*ookers
Team Captain: Kristen Wright

Team Name:  Team family & friends
Team Captain: Chris Pietras

Team Name:  Team FUEL
Team Captain: Lori Zukin

Team Name:  Team Hope
Team Captain: Sarah Kurtz

Team Name:  Team Not Alone
Team Captain: Joseph Yoon

Team Name:  Walking for Awareness
Team Captain: Jonathan Burns

Team Name:  Team Reset
Team Captain: Karen Pidduck

Currently, we do not have any open Washington, D.C. Teams. Contact us now to create an open team in your area.

Currently, we do not have any open West Virginia Teams. Contact us now to create an open team in your area.

Team Name:  AFSP Wisconsin Chapter
Team Captain: Gena Orlando

Team Name:  Cole’s Cheeseheads
Team Captain: Cathy Vos

Team Name:  Got Your Back - Team Jacob Ellefson
Team Captain: Teri Ellefson

Currently, we do not have any open Wyoming Teams. Contact us now to create an open team in your area.