Teams Open to Boston Solo Walkers

Open Teams: Boston

Team Name:  ;IGY6
Team Captain: Megan Bohannon

Team Name:  #brothers
Team Captain: Caleb Stubblebine

Team Name:  #FightingTheDarkness
Team Captain: Rosa Alberto

Team Name:  #KindnessForKassy
Team Captain: Gabrielle Davis

Team Name:  #ToRareToDie
Team Captain: Chole Rahilly

Team Name:  2EZ
Team Captain: Fernando Feliciano

Team Name:  A
Team Captain: Ashley Heesch

Team Name:  A Story Unfinished
Team Captain: Diane Eikinas

Team Name:  A- Team
Team Captain: Sebastian Gordon

Team Name:  Among The Angels
Team Captain: Pamela Michaud

Team Name:  Amy's Legacy
Team Captain: Kayla Doyle

Team Name:  Andrew Batman
Team Captain: Stefanie Mcalister

Team Name:  Angel's Squeegee Queens
Team Captain: Betsy DeLorenzo

Team Name:  Anna's Story
Team Captain: Itea Aslanian

Team Name:  ArredondoandCompany
Team Captain: Melinda Arredondo

Team Name:  Baby-Brothers
Team Captain: Dawn McGurn

Team Name:  Because I Survived
Team Captain: Adriana Hrabowych

Team Name:  Big Daddy SG
Team Captain: Kaitlyn Kilroy

Team Name:  Black Belt Walkers
Team Captain: Linda Houley

Team Name:  Braintree Strong
Team Captain: Dawn McGurn

Team Name:  BrockSmith
Team Captain: Ashlee Brockmann

Team Name:  BU #18
Team Captain: Jen Goff

Team Name:  C2 Body
Team Captain: Carolyn Stuart

Team Name:  CCL Strong
Team Captain: Chris Childress

Team Name:  CLC
Team Captain: Jennifer Ingram

Team Name:  Collin's Crew
Team Captain: Casey Nash

Team Name:  DD Always with Me
Team Captain: April Lynn

Team Name:  Dream Big
Team Captain: Thomas Livingstone

Team Name:  Duggan's Team
Team Captain: Duggan Delano

Team Name:  Economy Car Rental
Team Captain: Joshua Beaudoin

Team Name:  Fight for EVERY Life
Team Captain: Heather Staples

Team Name:  Fight For Tomorrow
Team Captain: Danielle Krzyszcyk

Team Name:  Firefly
Team Captain: Brittany Campbell

Team Name:  Fix You
Team Captain: Deanna Corby

Team Name:  Float On
Team Captain: Nikki Caputo

Team Name:  For the Love of Boey
Team Captain: Paula Mallard

Team Name:  Franks Angels
Team Captain: Jenna Cetrullo

Team Name:  Fre-sha-vocado
Team Captain: Liz Wong

Team Name:  Future LMHC's
Team Captain: Amanda Donahoe

Team Name:  Gordon's
Team Captain: Gordon Fitzgerald

Team Name:  Hanscom Defenders
Team Captain: Laura Crawford

Team Name:  Happy Feet
Team Captain: Lauren Kelly

Team Name:  Healing One Step At A Time
Team Captain: Becky Basteri

Team Name:  Heidi's Helpers
Team Captain: Hedi Weber

Team Name:  Hope Brigade
Team Captain: Joan Tosti

Team Name:  I Am Jack Travis
Team Captain: Jack Travis

Team Name:  Indestructible Muffins
Team Captain: Micayla Canales

Team Captain: Freya Schlegel

Team Name:  It Gets Better
Team Captain: Toni Pino

Team Name:  J.A.G. Forever in our Hearts
Team Captain: Kristina Golden

Team Name:  James' Brigade
Team Captain: Jennifer Pagliughi

Team Name:  James Martin
Team Captain: Brittany Jones

Team Name:  Jen's Crew
Team Captain: Joanie Phillips

Team Name:  John's Angels
Team Captain: Dawn McGurn

Team Name:  John's Angels
Team Captain: Dina Dellamano

Team Name:  Jp's Shamblers
Team Captain: JP LaFond

Team Name:  Jimmy Kimball
Team Captain: Amy Kimball

Team Name:  JKJ7699
Team Captain: Alicia Jasiekiewicz

Team Name:  John's Safeside Sweep
Team Captain: Kristen LeBlanc

Team Name:  Johnny Angel
Team Captain: Mary Madrigal

Team Name:  Just Breathe
Team Captain: Angela Giles

Team Name:  Lee's Lieutenants
Team Captain: Daniella D'Amico

Team Name:  Light The Night
Team Captain: Taylor Rich

Team Name:  Like The Moob
Team Captain: Faith Kelley

Team Name:  LOSSteam MetroWest
Team Captain: Barb Brunzell

Team Name:  Lucky Charms
Team Captain: Tracey Ponte

Team Name:  MGPO Physician Suicide Awareness
Team Captain: Meredith August

Team Name:  Michael'sMission97
Team Captain: Ana Paulino

Team Name:  Mission34
Team Captain: Cynthia Bohne

Team Name:  My Story My Recovery
Team Captain: Jacquenette Raad

Team Name:  Never Forgotten
Team Captain: Leigh-Anne Souther

Team Name:  Never Forgotten
Team Captain: Jessica Costa

Team Name:  Never Letting Go
Team Captain: DeAnna Smith

Team Name:  No Matter What
Team Captain: Urmi Purakayastha

Team Name:  Ohana
Team Captain: Luis Garza

Team Name:  OneMoreDay
Team Captain: Gail Brown

Team Name:  One Step At A Time
Team Captain: Angela Giles

Team Name:  Our Strength Your Survival
Team Captain: Jennifer Kingston

Team Name:  Parakletos Mentors
Team Captain: Tracy Roberts

Team Name:  Pauly D
Team Captain: Michele King

Team Name:  Peg's gang
Team Captain: Lisa Barry

Team Name:  Pennies and Dimes
Team Captain: Maryellen Rozen

Team Name:  Perseverance
Team Captain: Adam Smith

Team Name:  Point and Balance Acupuncture
Team Captain: Leah Karpelson

Team Name:  Pretty In Pink
Team Captain: Shelley Renaud

Team Name:  Pup Patrol
Team Captain: Danielle Lohler

Team Name:  Q & E
Team Captain: Quinn Estes

Team Name:  Qu Yuan
Team Captain: Ying Han

Team Name:  RainBose
Team Captain: Kailen Huse

Team Name:  RememberingKCR
Team Captain: Katelyn Haggerty

Team Name:  Remembering Them
Team Captain: Megan Mattor

Team Name:  Respira5
Team Captain: Lilibeth Vasquez

Team Name:  Riley
Team Captain: Brianna Hebert

Team Name:  Ross' River Tribe
Team Captain: Christine Hauptman

Team Name:  SDW
Team Captain: Michael Williams

Team Name:  Shiloh Baptist Church, Medford, MA
Team Captain: Carmen Bell

Team Name:  Sexy Mama Mandy
Team Captain: Joyce Dozois

Team Captain: Victoria Hoey

Team Name:  Somebody's Someone
Team Captain: Ciara Wels

Team Name:  Sophie's Cupcakes
Team Captain: Rachel Donohue

Team Name:  SS Inspiration
Team Captain: Kim (Walsh) Dahn

Team Name:  Steps To Save Lives
Team Captain: Linda Marino

Team Name:  Stomp Out Stigma
Team Captain: Vanessa Pires

Team Name:  Sunflower Strong
Team Captain: Becky Nichols

Team Name:  Sushi Momento
Team Captain: Su Dong

Team Name:  Taylor's Team
Team Captain: Taylor Simone

Team Name:  Team Adam Reinhart
Team Captain: Teri Reinhart

Team Name:  Team B & B
Team Captain: Jamie Bermingham

Team Name:  Team Beezeye
Team Captain: Sara Bisi

Team Name:  Team Brookside
Team Captain: Julie (Roche) Chasse

Team Name:  Team Charlie
Team Captain: Kathleen Attardo

Team Name:  Team Fay
Team Captain: Morgan Fay-Martin-

Team Name:  Team Forever Young
Team Captain: Nancy Cook

Team Name:  Team Gersh
Team Captain: Robyn Gersh

Team Name:  Team Hanson-Martino
Team Captain: Ginger Hanson-Martino

Team Name:  Team Jack Ray Harrison
Team Captain: Annmarie Morawiak

Team Name:  Team Jackie
Team Captain: Christine Dyckman

Team Name:  Team JD
Team Captain: Amanda Dixey

Team Name:  Team JHS
Team Captain: Lily Schwartz

Team Name:  Team Joey
Team Captain: Phyllis Sawicki

Team Name:  Team Justin Clement
Team Captain: Kerri Staruk

Team Name:  Team Kathy
Team Captain: Weston Schifone

Team Name:  Team Kelvy Welvy
Team Captain: James Dunn

Team Name:  Team Kintsugi
Team Captain: Awinna Chhit

Team Name:  Team Mean It
Team Captain: Savanah Benbenek

Team Name:  Team Mejia - Morrissey
Team Captain: Kevin Nicoli

Team Name:  Team Natman
Team Captain: Donna Thompson

Team Name:  Team Open Arms
Team Captain: Elice Cunningham

Team Name:  Team Out Of The Dark
Team Captain: Erica DiPlacido

Team Name:  Team Pete
Team Captain: Susan Ginouves

Team Name:  Team PEZ
Team Captain: Sally Zussman

Team Name:  Team Saylor
Team Captain: Georgia Pearson

Team Name:  Team SecondChance
Team Captain: Adam Dutton

Team Name:  Team Selina
Team Captain: Ron Cross

Team Name:  Team Tempest
Team Captain: Mary Jo Kane

Team Name:  Team Toogasen
Team Captain: Jeanne Cavanaugh

Team Name:  TEAM TYLER
Team Captain: Marty Ryan

Team Name:  TFS Forever Young 85-04
Team Captain: John Saia

Team Name:  The Chrisaders
Team Captain: Christine Daigle

Team Name:  The Jordanaires
Team Captain: Dustin Pari

Team Name:  The Lamplighters
Team Captain: Kelly Watson

Team Name:  Among The Light Of Life
Team Captain: Jessica Whitfield

Team Name:  The Rain Box
Team Captain: Suzanne Burke

Team Name:  The Smiths and Friends
Team Captain: Laura MacConaill

Team Name:  The Tyler Peace Project
Team Captain: Cindy Hutchinson

Team Name:  Think Again
Team Captain: Jessica Winnick

Team Name:  Three Little Birds
Team Captain: Liz Moughan

Team Name:  Thru the Mud
Team Captain: Krystina Morrison

Team Name:  TomTom
Team Captain: Kate Cetrulo

Team Name:  Tommy Fuss Team
Team Captain: RoseMary Fuss

Team Name:  Tomorrow
Team Captain: Allison Pollock

Team Name:  Trip the Light Fantastic
Team Captain: Teresa Boughner

Team Name:  Trixie's Trekkers
Team Captain: Theresa Vradenburg

Team Name:  Vande & Friends
Team Captain: Sarah VanDeventer

Team Name:  We Do Not Forget
Team Captain: Kristen Paquette

Team Name:  We Give A Hoot!
Team Captain: Nicole Brooks

Team Name:  WE LOVE KC
Team Captain: Clare Carroll

Team Name:  We're All a Little Crazy
Team Captain: Samantha Trotman Burman

Team Name:  You'll Never Walk Alone
Team Captain: Daniel Eshner