Jacqueline Hernandez

2017 Overnight Walk - San Diego





For those who have left us too soon. We remember your lives, we remember your stories. We remember the good times and memories shared. We remember the love that you gave and received in your short time with us. We walk to say you are not forgotten, you will always be with us. And even though you are gone, your life serves a purpose. To help others, to reach others when they are going through the deepest pain. We know that we cannot bring you back, but we can save those who teeter between life and death, we can give them hope you struggled to find. We will never forget you. I walk for you.

For those who have loved and lost. The mothers, fathers, sisters, brothers,wives, husbands, friends and lovers, and veterans who carry the names and stories of those they love on their heart tonight and always..I walk for you. To give you hope to get through the hardest days when the grief comes in waves, when memories of your loved one weighs heavy on your heart. I walk to let you know that there is a community here of people who have felt what you are feeling, and we open our arms and hearts to you, to help you find healing through this tragedy.

For the brave soul facing the hard battle. I walk for you. For those who live with mental illness, who sometimes struggle to find the strength just to get through the day. For those who choose to walk the road of recovery as difficult as it gets sometimes. For those who  struggle to find the light in the darkness. I walk for you because I have been there too. I walk to tell you that you are never alone. I walk you to tell you that there are in fact better days ahead. I walk to tell you that there is a community here who loves you and cares whether you live or die. I walk to tell you, that on the hard days you can reach out and we will come running.I walk to tell you that you NEVER have to be ashamed of your story, no matter what it looks like. We are here for you. I walk so that you do not have to walk this road alone.

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