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In June I will be participating in an overnight walk in support of the American Federation for Suicide Prevention (AFSP).  We will be walking from dusk to dawn -- out of the darkness -- a metaphor for removing the stigma of those suffering from mental illness.

When my daughter was 16, her dear friend, Tommy Fuss, died from suicide.  Tommy was only 17.  Tommy's tragic death was incomprehensible.  He was a bright, well-loved young man.

Earlier this year, my family was devastated when we lost my great-nephew, Zach, to suicide.  Our darling Zach was only 20 years old -- another bright young life lost to suicide.

We need to understand better the mental health issues involved and to de-stigmatize mental illness so that those suffering feel they can reach out for the help they desperately need.  The AFSP is dedicated to this advocacy via their research, education, and awareness programs.  I'm fundraising to benefit the AFSP in these efforts.

Thank you for your support in this worthwhile cause. Together we can save lives and bring hope to those affected by suicide.