Overnight Walkers need your support.


Crew members keep the walk safe. We give out water and food to the Walkers, provide medical support, drive our Sweep vans, and ride motorcycles and bikes alongside the walkers to make sure everyone is safe.  **The 2020 Walk is now virtual and all participants who register will be participating within their own home.


Volunteers are the Overnight Street Team. We hand out flyers and make sure the community knows about the walk. The day of the walk, we are at the ceremony site checking in Walkers and Crew, handing out honor beads, and setting up our iconic luminaria. **These tasks are on hold as our 2020 Walk is virtual only.


Suicide prevention is an important cause, and you don’t have to attend the walk to make a differences. It’s easy to make a donation, either to support a Walker or Crew member, or directly to the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention.