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Our Coaches help you meet your goal.

Whether you are a fundraising novice or a seasoned pro, each Walker receives a Coach that will serve as your personal fundraising consultant. You’ll meet your minimum, and you’ll be inspired by the support of your family, friends, neighbors, and colleagues.

Most of our Walkers have never participated in a fundraising event, and yet the average first-time Walker raises over $1,300. 

Here are some fundraising tips:

  • Make a plan. Work with your Coach to set a fundraising goal and develop a simple plan.
  • Use your personal fundraising page. The second you register you have access to your own, easy to use, fundraising webpage. Even if you aren’t computer-savvy, you will find this tool simple, and your coach is always available to answer any questions you have.
  • Don’t Be Afraid. You never know who has been touched by suicide and mental disorders. So many people are suffering in silence – your strength will be their inspiration.
  • Most people need to be asked 6 times before they make a donation. Just because the first Facebook status or email didn’t receive a donation, does not mean you won’t receive one. Follow-up with everyone you know.
  • Spread Awareness to Save Lives. The most important aspect of your fundraising effort is educating people about our mission. Think of it like dominoes- the information you share with one person will get passed along to another person, and if someone at risk receives this information, then you may have saved an irreplaceable life.
  • Express Gratitude. It is important to thank everyone who donates to you. Show your appreciation by phone, letter or email, and let your donors know that their contribution- large or small- is important to you and critical to the cause.

When you register you will gain access to your Overnight Coach, sample letters, fundraising event plans, and more.

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Every donation makes a difference.

EVERY $50 - Provides AFSP educational materials to 25 people. If just one person seeks help after reading these materials, a life could be saved for less than the cost of dinner and a movie.

EVERY $100 - Covers the cost of More Than Sad: Suicide Prevention and Education for Teachers and Other School Personnel (DVD and supporting program).

EVERY $250 - Enables AFSP to recruit and train a volunteer field advocate who can then educate Federal, State and local elected officials about suicide prevention.

EVERY $500 - Trains a new Survivor of Suicide support group facilitator. Each new group assists newly bereaved survivors and helps them see that they are not alone.

EVERY $1,000 - Combined with $1,000 from 7 other Walkers, develops an educational product for individuals and families to use as a resource for people who have been suicidal or had a recent suicide attempt.

EVERY $2,500 – Funds a year of research into the genetic, biological or behavioral factors that contribute to suicide when added to $2,500 from 17 other Walkers.  The number of lives potentially saved by this research is incalculable.

Every dollar you raise will help you save the life of a child, a parent, a sibling or a close friend.

Raise Over $10,000 and Become a North Star

The fight to prevent suicide needs leaders. We need our North Stars. Set your fundraising goal to $10,000 and show us the difference one person can make.

North Star Perks*:

  • VIP brunch the morning of The Overnight with AFSP CEO Robert Gebbia
  • Recognition on The Overnight Stage
  • Official AFSP North Star merchandise
  • Mention in AFSP's 2025 Annual Report 
  • Lead the way at the start of the Overnight Walk

Top 5 fundraisers will receive additional recognition and rewards:

  • An invitation to the 2026 Annual Lifesavers Gala. Includes hotel stay for you and a guest.