Training Support

We are here to help you get ready for The Overnight Virtual  Experience. Get registered today and you can find the resources below in Walker Central to start building your Virtual Overnight community.  

  • Detailed 16-Week Training Schedule (Including 3 Beginner Weeks)

 #OvernightAction Bingo and Training Ideas

We are so excited to announce our #OvernightAction Bingo! As part of the bingo card, we are asking you to complete one of the training videos below. Each member of our team is sharing some of their favorite workout videos and activities to help you complete your bingo card and stay active during our Activity Challenge in June. 

#OvernightAction Bingo

Heather's Training Ideas  

Heather loves yoga, meditation, and walking. As an avid fan of Yoga with Adriene, many of her favorites come from there. 

Self-care ideas: have a conversation with a close friend or family member, take a bath, read a new book, rewatch your favorite show (her's is Bob's Burgers)

A quick yoga video: 

A longer yoga session: 

A meditation (from Transgender Day of Visibility): 


Samantha's Training Ideas  

Samantha loves to focus on cardio and strength exercises, with a hint of dance added. Take a look at her favorite videos below for some new home workout inspiration!

Sam's self-care ideas: cooking up new recipes and sharing them with friends, organizing your work space, online shopping, dancing like nobody is watching

A fully body 20 minute workout:

Aerobic Style Cardio:

Don't forget to stretch!


Training Walks

We will have more Training Activities and information to come. Please check back on this page for further updates.

In light of the situation regarding coronavirus (COVID19), Training Walks are still being lead under the discretion of the Training Walk Leader. Please also follow any guidelines and recommendations from your city, state, or Public Health Departments.

If a Walk is in your area and you plan on attending, please contact the Leader for more details regarding their Walk. Please do not attend a Training Walk if you are feeling sick. Washing hands and bringing disinfectant products, such as hand sanitizer or wipes, are great ways to stay healthy during your Training Walk.

Upcoming Training Activities

We are excited to introduce Active Impact™ to The Overnight Virtual Experience. Active Impact™ is a way to take action and fundraise through your DonorDrive fundraising page.

We are asking you to take a total of 20 hours and 21 minutes of #OvernightAction from March 8 - May 28 in honor of the 2021 Overnight season. This equals 1,221 minutes of action that you will take for suicide prevention and mental health in honor of our loved ones and ourselves.


Your #OvernightAction can include walking, running, swimming, biking, yoga, journaling, having a #RealConvo, meditating, reading, or any activity you do for self care and wellness. Post photos of your activities on social media with the hashtags #OvernightAction and #OvernightWalk along with these graphics.


  • You are not required to complete all activities and/or minutes at once. We are asking you to complete 1,221 minutes of activities from March 8 - May 28. Please use your best judgement to take action safely. Choose activities that fit into your schedule and that are best for your fitness level.
  • Stay tuned for more information on your #OvernightAction for the month of June!