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New York City Overnight Walk - Open Teams

One of the most unique and powerful aspects of the Out of the Darkness Overnight Walk is the sense of community present when participants from all across the country unite with the common goal of breaking the silence surrounding suicide and mental health. Joining a team can enhance your Overnight experience by introducing you to new people so that you can begin forming bonds before the Walk even starts. We have several teams every year that are open to welcoming solo walkers. Fundraising is individual and each team member must reach her or his minimum fundraising requirement.


New York Teams      
Northeast Teams      
Mid-Atlantic Teams      
Rest of Nation Teams      



Open Teams by Reason for Walking:

Team Name: Bayanihan
Team Captain: Vanessa Hudes
Friends and family of someone who struggles

Team Name: From Tears to Cheers
Team Captain: Karyn Morrison
Focuses on raising awareness about suicide and mental health conditions

Team Name: Pride For Life
Team Captain: Nicholas Jannini
Focuses on sexual orientation and gender identity

Team Name: Sibling Survivors
Team Captain: Cheryl Jordan-Aguilera
For those affected by the suicide of a sibling

Team Name: Team Me Too! (... it's NOT just you )
Team Captain: Katie Gowa
For those who have personally struggled with depression or other mental illnesses

Team Name: Team POS-FFOS
Team Captain: Marcia Resnick
Parents of Suicides (POS) - Friends and Families of Suicides (FFOS)

Team Name: RUCK UP
Team Captain: Anthony [AJ] Paige
For those with an association to the military

Team Name: Team S.O.L.E.S.
Team Captain: Debi Hoyles-Girardi
Surviving Our Losses Experienced through Suicide

AFSP Chapter Teams:

Team Name: AFSP Arkansas
Team Captain: Laine Poe

Team Name: AFSP Central Ohio Chapter
Team Captain: Sparky Pinyan

Team Name: AFSP Georgia Chapter
Team Captain: Harrison Walker

Team Name: AFSP Greater Boston Chapter
Team Captain: Megan Sullivan

Team Name: AFSP Indiana Chapter
Team Captain: Stephanie Bodie

Team Name: AFSP Inland Empire and Desert Cities
Team Captain: Debbie Kahng

Team Name: AFSP New Jersey
Team Captain: Melissa Kiritsis

Team Name: AFSP North Carolina
Team Captain: Dennis Tackett

Team Name: AFSP North Florida
Team Captain: Liz Colavecchio

Team Name: AFSP NYC Chapter
Team Captain: Dionne Monsanto

Team Name: AFSP Pennsylvania
Team Captain: Brandon Marsico

Team Name: AFSP San Francisco Chapter
Team Captain: Matt Babich

Team Name: AFSP Tampa Bay
Team Captain: Brandy Pauline

Team Name: AFSP West Virginia
Team Captain: Matthew Byrd

Team Name: AFSP-South Carolina
Team Captain: Vanessa Riley

If you are a team captain and would like your team listed, please contact [email protected]

If you would like to make a donation to an individual on a closed team, you can find a list of all New York City Teams here.