Heather Buckendahl (she/they)

Hello everyone and welcome to my Coach Corner! I'm Heather (she/they) and I am the Senior Walker Coach for the Out of the Darkness Walks. I'm really excited to work with all of you and to connect with you virtually and in-person. This is my sixth year working on The Overnight, and this Overnight Walk will be my tenth. 

About Me:
  • I am from Nebraska and spent a summer in Washington, D.C. during my undergraduate years and loved it.
  • Aside from the Smithsonians, my favorite museum in our host city is the Newseum. 
  • Yoga is my favorite way to unwind. I'm currently working toward my goal of being able to hold a headstand.
  • My other hobbies include reading, listening to music, and watching Bob's Burgers too many times.   
  • I work on our editorial calendar for our Overnight Facebook page and Twitter. Make sure to follow us for fundraising tips and Overnight announcements
  • Honor Bead colors: purple, silver, green, teal, blue, and rainbow. 
Fundraising Favorites:
  • Sharing your story on Facebook along with your fundraising link. 
  • Thank You notes or statuses for your donors. Everyone likes to be recognized for their contributions. I especially like public thank you's as they can be a great way to express gratitude and they can encourage others to donate to you.

Contact Me  

Current Office Hours: Monday through Thursday 9am to 5pm EST

I would love to help you with your fundraising or to chat about your questions, successes, or concerns. You can reach me directly, via email at [email protected] or by phone at 347-826-3603.

You can also reach us by calling 888-THEOVERNIGHT (888-843-6837) or emailing us at [email protected]


If you are in crisis, please call 988 or text TALK to 741-741

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