Walker Blogs

Many Overnight Walkers get invovled with AFSP in other ways than walking in the Overnight Walks. Here you can find blogs they've written for AFSP's Lifesaver Blog. You can find older blogs here

The Number 25

Jacqueline is participating in her first Overnight Walk this year in Boston. She walks in honor of her brother.

Educating Gun Owners About Firearms Safety

Greg walked in the 2015 Boston Overnight Walk. He is currently a Maryland chapter board member.

The Burden of Me

Lidia has participated in three Overnight Walks. Her most recent Overnight was in 2015 in Boston.

Dad's Lunchbox

Heather's first Overnight Walk was in 2018 in Philadelphia. She walks in honor of her dad and stepdad.

The Widow Next Door

Heather has walked in three Overnight Walks since her first in 2015. She walks in honor of her husband.

I Had a Brother

Tom walked in the 2014 Overnight Walk. He is currently the Communications Coordinator at AFSP.

My Brother's Most Important Lessons

Dan's first walk was in New York City in 2016. Dan walked again in the 2018 Philadelphia Overnight in hono of his brother, Mike.

Turning Research into Solutions: College Students and Mental Health

Maggie has walked or crewed in six Overnight Walks. She is the Director of AFSP's Interactive Screening Program.

The Conversation I've Dreaded

Amy has walked in four Overnights since her first in 2015. She walks in honor of her mother.

How Do We Heal When Time is Not Enough?

Meredith walked in both Dallas Overnights (2015 and 2018).

AFSP Spotlight Interview: Lisa Brattain

Lisa is the Senior Division Director of the East Central Division for AFSP. She helped create the AFSP Indiana Chapter team for four Overnight Walks.

Overnight Recap - Philadelphia 2018

The 2018 Overnight season ended with the Philadelphia Overnight (June 16-17).

Overnight Recap - Dallas 2018

The 2018 Overnight season started with the Dallas Overnight (June 2-3).

Finding New Family at the Overnight Walks

Craig's first Overnight was in 2011; he has since completed eight Overnights. He walks in honor of his son, Brent.

Ten Years of Walking Out of the Darkness

Melissa's first Overnight was in 2008. Last year, she celebrated walking with us for ten years.

Finding Connection Through Vulnerability: AFSP's Overnight Walk

Jacqueline has walked in five Overnight Walks. She walks in honor of her own recovery form self-harm and suicidal ideation.