Walker Blogs

Many Overnight Walkers get invovled with AFSP in other ways than walking in the Overnight Walks. Here you can find blogs they've written for AFSP's Lifesaver Blog. You can find older blogs here

Volunteer Spotlight: Jim Biela, on the Importance of Advocacy
James (Jim) has participated in two Overnight Walks. He was instrumental in starting the AFSP Alaska Chapter and helps organize Survivor Days throughout the state.
How I Survived the Suicide of My Son: 15 Tips for Grieving Parents
Marcia has participated in seventeen Overnight Walks and has been a North Start for six of them. She walks in honor of her son.
Walking to Make a Difference
Carol created Ocean State Job Lot team to honor her coworker and raise funds and awanress for suicide prevention and mental health.
An Inspiring Journey: The 2019 Overnight in Pictures
The 2019 Overnight Walks were in San Francisco (June 8-9) and Boston (June 22-23). 
I Walk for Hope
Katie walked in her first Overnight Walk in honor of her uncle, her friend, and all those who struggle with a mental health condition.
Home is Where The Overnight Is
Erin started as an Overnight Walk volunteer in 2011 and is now the Manager of the Out of the Darkness Walks.
Walking for My Brother, and for Our Veterans
Laci's first Overnight was in Boston (2019), she walks for her brother, Stevie. 
48 Years After Suicide Loss - Remembering my Father
Sue is an AFSP Maryland Chapter Board Member and has walked in three Overnight Walks.
The American Foundation for Suicide Prevention Hosts Overnight Walk to Fight Suicide in Boston
The 2019 Overnight Season ended with the Boston Overnight (June 22-23). 
Losing a Friend to Suicide at a Young Age
Rachel has participated in two Overnight Walks and walks in the Philadelphia Community Walk every year. 
My Way of Healing: Supporting Others in AFSP's Out of the Darkness Overnight Walks
Valerie has supported thousands of Walkers by Crewing in ten Overnight walks. She crews in honor of her nephew, Tommy. 
The American Foundation for Suicide Prevention Hosts Overnight Walk to Fight Suicide in San Francisco.
The 2019 Overnight Season started with the San Francisco Overnight (June 8-9). 
Creating a Culture of Wellbeing and Respect: Supportive Workplaces and Our Mental Health
Maggie has walked or crewed in six Overnight Walks. She is the Director of AFSP's Interactive Screening Program.
Bound by Triumph
Traci participated in her third Overnight in Boston in honor of her best friend, Chris.
Bringing Education to Arkansas
Mary has walked in four Overnight Walks. She also founded the first University of Central Arkansas (UCA) Campus Walk in 2011. She walks in honor of her son, Kyle. 
Healing Conversations: The New Look and Name of the Survivor Outreach Program
Shannon was a Crew Member for the 2016 new York City Walk and has volunteered at many others. She is the Manager of Loss and Healing Programs at AFSP.
The Number 25
Jacqueline participated in her first Overnight Walk in Boston in 2019. She walks in honor of her brother.
The Burden of Me
Lidia has participated in three Overnight Walks. Her most recent Overnight was in 2015 in Boston.
Educating Gun Owners About Firearms Safety
Greg Walked in the 2015 Boston Overnight Walk. He is currently an AFSP Maryland Chapter Board Member