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Virtual Overnight Experience - Open Teams

One of the most unique and powerful aspects of the Virtual Overnight Experience is the sense of community present when participants from all across the country unite with the common goal of breaking the silence surrounding suicide and mental health. Joining a team can enhance your Overnight experience by introducing you to new people so that you can begin forming bonds before the Virtual Event. We have several teams every year that are open to welcoming solo participants. If you have any questions, please contact Francesca at [email protected]

AFSP Chapter Teams:

Team Name:  AFSP Alabama
Team Captain: Valerie Fesh

Team Name:  AFSP Alaska
Team Captain: James Biela

Team Name:  AFSP Arkansas
Team Captain: Wendy Thompson

Team Name:  AFSP Capital Region NY
Team Captain: Jen Hoffman

Team Name:  AFSP Central New York
Team Captain: Beverly Schmidt

Team Name:  AFSP Central Texas
Team Captain: Jayne Whisnant

Team Name:  AFSP Colorado Chapter
Team Captain: Ginie Kwan

Team Captain: Traci Boiselle

Team Name:  AFSP Florida Panhandle Chapter
Team Captain: Jessica Roberts

Team Name:  AFSP Florida Southwest Chapter
Team Captain: Carrie Niedert

Team Name:  AFSP - Georgia
Team Captain: Diane Gillen

Team Name:  AFSP Greater Chicago
Team Captain: Pamela Kosowski

Team Name:  AFSP Greater Kansas Chapter
Team Captain: Theresa Papon

Team Name:  AFSP Greater LA & Central Coast
Team Captain: Louisa Rocque

Team Name:  AFSP Greater Philadelphia
Team Captain: Janet Evans

Team Name:  AFSP Greater Sacramento Chapter
Team Captain: Aliyah Schiesz

Team Name:  AFSP Greater San Francisco
Team Captain: William Chestnut

Team Captain: Pua Kaninau-Santos

Team Name:  AFSP Hudson Valley/Westchester Chapter
Team Captain: Holly McMahon

Team Name:  AFSP Idaho Chapter
Team Captain: Alyssa Tuttle

Team Name:  AFSP -- Indiana Chapter
Team Captain: Jennifer Tackett

Team Name:  AFSP Iowa Chapter
Team Captain: Shelley Metz

Team Name:  AFSP Kentucky
Team Captain: Gage Donohue

Team Name:  AFSP Long Island
Team Captain: Anne Deubel

Team Name:  AFSP Louisiana Chapter
Team Captain: Tyler Rousseau

Team Name:  AFSP Maryland Chapter
Team Captain: Susan Maskaleris

Team Name:  AFSP Massachusetts Chapter
Team Captain: Michele Lee

Team Name:  AFSP Michigan Chapter
Team Captain: Vicky Mennare

Team Name:  AFSP Minnesota
Team Captain: Cassandra Linkenmeyer

Team Name:  AFSP Mississippi
Team Captain: Leigh Ann Raab

Team Name:  AFSP - Missouri
Team Captain: Kellen Wolters

Team Captain: Nick Kallem

Team Name:  AFSP Nebraska
Team Captain: Jennifer Moffett

Team Name:  AFSP Nevada
Team Captain: Christina Cappello

Team Name:  AFSP New Jersey
Team Captain: Melissa Kiritsis

Team Name:  AFSP North Carolina
Team Captain: Dennis Tackett

Team Name:  AFSP North Florida Chapter
Team Captain: Mindi Iannarelli

Team Captain: TJ Burns

Team Name:  AFSP NYC Chapter
Team Captain: Hannah Moch

Team Name:  AFSP Ohio
Team Captain: Jennifer Goddard

Team Name:  AFSP Orange County Chapter
Team Captain: Barney Tong

Team Name:  AFSP Oregon
Team Captain: Angela Perry

Team Name:  AFSP Rhode Island Chapter
Team Captain: Bryan Humphries

Team Name:  AFSP South Carolina
Team Captain: Sydney Wright

Team Name:  AFSP South Central NY
Team Captain: Everson Kalman

Team Name:  AFSP Tennessee
Team Captain: Brenda Williams-Denbo

Team Name:  AFSP UTAH
Team Captain: Taryn Hiatt

Team Name:  AFSP Vermont Team
Team Captain: Terri Lavely

Team Name:  AFSP Washington State
Team Captain: Justine McClure

Team Name:  AFSP West Virginia
Team Captain: Michelle Toman

Team Name:  AFSP Western New York
Team Captain: Tracy Burkovich

Team Name:  AFSP Wisconsin Chapter
Team Captain: Gena Orlando

Team Name:  AFSP Wyoming Chapter Team
Team Captain: Lisa O'Dell



Open Teams by Reason for Walking:

Team Name:  #ImStillHere
Team Captain: Mike Scheinberg
For those who have personally struggled with suicidal ideation, depression, or other mental illnesses.

Team Name:  Me Too!
Team Captain: Lauren Callahan
For those who have personally struggled with suicidal ideation, depression, or other mental illnesses.

Team Name:  RUCK UP
Team Captain: Anthony (AJ) Paige
Our Team members are Veterans, family members, and our dearest children who have been impacted by suicide and the loss of our Veterans.

Team Name:  Soul-O's
Team Captain: Jennifer HIlbert
An inclusive team for those who have lost a loved one to suicide and/or personally struggle.

Team Name:  Team S.O.L.E.S. NYC 2020
Team Captain: Debi Hoyles-Girardi
Surviving our losses experienced through suicide.

Team Name:  Team SOLOS
Team Captain: Crystal Cardwell
Survivors of loved ones lost to suicide.

Team Name:  Your Life Matters
Team Captain: David Tagget
For those who have personally struggled with suicidal ideation, depression, or other mental illnesses and for those who have lost a loved one.

If you are a team captain and would like your team listed, please contact Francesca at [email protected]

If you would like to make a donation to an individual on a closed team, you can find a list of all Virtual Overnight Teams here.