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Teams Open to New York City Solo Walkers

Open Teams for Walkers Based in New York

Team Name:  #teambriguy
Team Captain: Danielle Mummery

Team Name:  30 Walk
Team Captain: Carly Thompson

Team Name:  Adam
Team Captain: Tara Friedlander

Team Name:  AFSP - Long Island Chapter
Team Captain: Anne Deubel

Team Name:  AFSP Capital Region New York
Team Captain: Jen Hoffman

Team Name:  AFSP Central/ Southern Tier NY Chapter
Team Captain: Beverly Schmidt

Team Name:  AFSP NYC
Team Captain: Hannah Moch

Team Name:  AFSP Western NY Chapter
Team Captain: Tracy Burkovichl

Team Name:  Always & Forever, Yours.
Team Captain: Charlstie Veith

Team Name:  Ambreen Haider's Team
Team Captain: Ambreen Haider

Team Name:  April
Team Captain: April Barton

Team Name:  Baggio's Brigade
Team Captain: Robert Erardy

Team Name:  Californians Runnin’ Wild
Team Captain: Abigail Benitez

Team Name:  Camp Kita Walkers
Team Captain: Steven Karaiskos

Team Name:  characters for Chris, forever 22
Team Captain: Mary Dwyer

Team Name:  Chrissy's Wish
Team Captain: Diana Rossi Dennis

Team Name:  Courtney’s Cause
Team Captain: David Barnett

Team Name:  Dancing Angels
Team Captain: Donna Casanova -Ricci

Team Name:  D'Onofrio's
Team Captain: Krista D'Onofrio

Team Name:  Discover Cares
Team Captain: Olivia Rich

Team Name:  Dynamic Divas
Team Captain: Shnique Clark

Team Name:  Electa Chapter #14
Team Captain: LaShay Kyles

Team Name:  Even When I Give Up, I Never Give Up
Team Captain: Marley Hunt

Team Name:  Everytime We Walk
Team Captain: Madeline Manning

Team Name:  Fender
Team Captain: Allison Sohan

Team Name:  For DiAna
Team Captain: Noreen Clarke

Team Name:  For Kevin
Team Captain: Christopher Amato

Team Name:  Freddi's Family
Team Captain: Brian Gasior

Team Name:  Henry's Harriers
Team Captain: Christophe Armero

Team Name:  Hope for the Future
Team Captain: Tammi Guthrie

Team Captain: Rich Specht

p; in loving memory of Tricky/Alex
Team Captain: Ewelina Mrowiec

Team Name:  Intentional Healing & Wellness
Team Captain: Andrea Mancuso

Team Name:  It's Okay Not to Be Okay
Team Captain: Delancey King

Team Name:  Jonahs Mission For Kids
Team Captain: Jeremy Thode

Team Name:  Just Ask
Team Captain: Heather Grube

Team Name:  Just Getting Started
Team Captain: Thomas Gubelli

Team Name:  Let us walk
Team Captain: Morgan Lucas

Team Name:  Lexi's Life Mattered
Team Captain: Carol Cordova-Padilla

Team Name:  Maidenberg
Team Captain: Michelle Maidenberg

Team Name:  Mind the Class
Team Captain: Nadine Wilches

Team Name:  Natasha McCartney, LCSWR
Team Captain: Natasha McCartney

Team Name:  No Endings In Light (Neil)
Team Captain: Catherine Acevedo

Team Name:  NYPD Bronx Special Victims
Team Captain: Arlyn Zapata

Team Name:  NYU Langone Brooklyn
Team Captain: Aparna Dole

Team Captain: Kenneth Trail

Team Name:  Queenie Smiles
Team Captain: Karen Tierney

Team Name:  Rafael Giordani
Team Captain: Jennifer Mercado

Team Name:  RomSOM
Team Captain: Brandon Muncan

Team Name:  Sammi’s Survivors
Team Captain: Sammi Taplitz

Team Name:  Shackers!!!
Team Captain: Meredith Doll

Team Name:  Siblings Lost to Suicide Support Grp-NYC
Team Captain: Kristin Mueller

Team Name:  Sigma Theta Tau
Team Captain: Chelsea Chaffee

Team Name:  Smile awhile
Team Captain: Nyree Whittaker

Team Name:  Society of the Magic VT House
Team Captain: Matthew Smith

Team Name:  Sunflowers and Rain
Team Captain: Alexandria Hines

Team Name:  Tabernacle of Praise Cathedral
Team Captain: Donna Gray

Team Name:  Tara's Team
Team Captain: Patti Ann Dempsey

Team Name:  Team Bad Asses For Life
Team Captain: Christopher Birstler

Team Name:  Team David
Team Captain: Amy Cooper

Team Name:  Team Di Ana
Team Captain: Carly Pisarri

Team Name:  Team Dom
Team Captain: George Wasek

Team Name:  Team Dziura-Perez
Team Captain: Alex Dziura

Team Name:  Team Hope - Keeping up the Fight
Team Captain: Danielle Dunn

Team Name:  Team Jeff
Team Captain: Kurtdale Navarrete

Team Name:  Team Kamm
Team Captain: Erin Kammerer

Team Name:  Team Martin
Team Captain: Cristal Finkenberg

Team Name:  Team Nika
Team Captain: Candice Braun

Team Name:  Team of Brothers
Team Captain: David Huber

Team Name:  Team TRLA
Team Captain: Lisa Ann

Team Name:  Teresa's Team
Team Captain: Anthony Rea

Team Name:  thank YOU for being alive
Team Captain: Danielle Liu

Team Name:  The Dynamic Duo
Team Captain: Ross Macaluso

Team Name:  The Next Right Thing
Team Captain: Emeline Paredes

Team Name:  Therapy On The Move
Team Captain: Melanie Reid

Team Name:  This is Howie Shine
Team Captain: Lauryn Solomon

Team Name:  Tre of Life
Team Captain: Patricia Stiglianese

Team Name:  Walking for Wellness
Team Captain: Ambreen Khan

Team Name:  WARR;ORS Not Alone
Team Captain: Emily Derrenbacher

Team Name:  You Mean More
Team Captain: Meghan Grover