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Teams Open to Solo Participants

Open Teams: International

Team Name:  Team John JR Pitt Bermuda
Team Captain: Andrea Tompkins

Open Teams: Alabama - Montana

Team Name:  AFSP Alabama
Team Captain: Valerie Fesh

Team Name:  AFSP Alaska Chapter
Team Captain: James Biela

Currently, we do not have any open Arizona Teams. Contact us now to create an open team in your area.

Team Name:  AFSP Arkansas
Team Captain: Christopher Epperson

Team Name:  9 Lives & a Ball of String
Team Captain: Dina Gamboni

Team Name:  AFSP Greater San Francisco Bay Area
Team Captain: Christina Cappello

Team Name:  AFSP Orange County Chapter
Team Captain: Barney Tong

Team Name:  AFSP San Diego
Team Captain: Felicity Vera

Team Name:  Anita's Army
Team Captain: Maureen O'Brien

Team Name:  Ann's Angels
Team Captain: Robert Jenkins

Team Name:  Coach Permon
Team Captain: Jodie Chavious

Team Name:  LoveBugs
Team Captain: Mitchell McCahey

Team Name:  Mind Over Miles
Team Captain: Annie Galiani

Team Name:  Remembering Rich
Team Captain: Jennifer Archuleta

Team Name:  Saipriya
Team Captain: Ramani Rangavajhula

Team Name:  Team Beth LaMure
Team Captain: Avy Eschenasy

Team Name:  Team Smeesh
Team Captain: Julie Khademi

Team Name:  Todd's Strength
Team Captain: Adrienne Curayag

Team Name:  Walks for charity
Team Captain: Jennifer Moore

Team Name:  Team Rader
Team Captain: Ian Colle

Team Name:  Walking for TOMmorow
Team Captain: Lana Nielsen-Ream

Team Name:  AFSP CT - Hearts for Hope & Healing
Team Captain: Traci Boiselle

Team Name:  Hand in Hand
Team Captain: Kelly Brewer

Team Name:  Love is Eternal
Team Captain: Kate Riquier

Team Name:  Michael's Minions
Team Captain: Jere Sirkis

Team Name:  OnToTheNext
Team Captain: Alanna Morque

Team Name:  Steven's Soul Survivors
Team Captain: Marie Demasi

Team Name:  Team BMS
Team Captain: Vincent Marbury

Team Name:  Team Michael
Team Captain: Barbara Melotto

Team Name:  Team Tell Them You Love Them
Team Captain: Leann Duggan

Team Name:  TnT
Team Captain: Tamara White

Team Name:  Tutu Much Stigma
Team Captain: Heather Sayers

Team Name:  You Are Not Alone;
Team Captain: Eryn Barry

Team Name:  Marro Strong
Team Captain: Angela Gilbert

Team Name:  Team Pappy Good
Team Captain: Andrew Good

Team Name:  AFSP North Florida Chapter
Team Captain: Kimberly McGee

Team Name:  Amon Lives On
Team Captain: Andrea Huelsnitz

Team Name:  Honoring Mark and Elizabeth.
Team Captain: Denise Umphrey

Team Name:  Team Charlie
Team Captain: Shelly Himmelrich

Team Name:  Everything’s Not Lost
Team Captain: Arden Tritt

Currently, we do not have any open Hawaii Teams. Contact us now to create an open team in your area.

Team Name:  Team #MilesforMyles
Team Captain: Laura Graves

Team Name:  AFSP Illinois
Team Captain: Angela Cummings

Team Name:  A Light in the Darkness
Team Captain: Kai Nemoto

Team Name:  Bernal Strong, In Loving Memory of Justi
Team Captain: Theresa Bernal

Team Name:  Justin's Buddies
Team Captain: Pauline Cepeda

Team Name:  Walking With Rob Always
Team Captain: Katherine Wertz

Team Name:  AFSP Kentucky
Team Captain: Gage Donohue

Team Name:  Sherr ; and Chr ; s
Team Captain: Crystal Stone

Team Name:  Suicide Attempt Survivors
Team Captain: Richard A Gaines Jr

Currently, we do not have any open Iowa Teams. Contact us now to create an open team in your area.

Team Name:  AFSP Greater Kansas Chapter
Team Captain: Theresa Cummins

Team Name:  AFSP Kentucky
Team Captain: Gage Donohue

Currently, we do not have any open Louisiana Teams. Contact us now to create an open team in your area.

Currently, we do not have any open Maine Teams. Contact us now to create an open team in your area.

Team Name:  AFSP Maryland
Team Captain: Susan Maskaleris

Team Name:  Angels
Team Captain: Raizel B Sanders

Team Name:  Elle's Dragons
Team Captain: Sherri Odegaarden

Team Name:  Happy 40th Michelle
Team Captain: Nancy DeCesare

Team Name:  Hopeful Sisters
Team Captain: Te-Sheena Hope

Team Name:  My brother's keeper
Team Captain: Nazzarena Labo

Team Name:  Team Darby
Team Captain: Geannine Darby

Team Name:  Team Marcus
Team Captain: Niccole Dreiling

Team Name:  Your Live Matters
Team Captain: David Tagget

Team Name:  AFSP Massachusetts
Team Captain: Heather Gifford

Team Name:  Ashley’s Hope
Team Captain: Brittany Angers

Team Name:  Dick's Eclipses
Team Captain: Kendra King

Team Name:  Fighting the Darkness
Team Captain: Caroline Di Paolo

Team Name:  I Got Your Six
Team Captain: Michelle Jackson

Team Name:  Jen's Crew
Team Captain: Joanie Phillips

Team Name:  JC Crusaders
Team Captain: Allison Mattson

Team Name:  Light and Love
Team Captain: Laci Gentry

Team Name:  Magical Medical Unicorns
Team Captain: Kristen Simonelli

Team Name:  McGuiggin
Team Captain: Daniel McGuiggin

Team Name:  mind warriors
Team Captain: Molly Lounge

Team Name:  Miriam's Journey
Team Captain: Miriam Berman

Team Name:  Salt and Popper
Team Captain: Amanda Nicholson

Team Name:  Silver Linings
Team Captain: Brittany LaPointe

Team Name:  Sophie's Cupcakes
Team Captain: Rachel Donohue

Team Name:  Team Charlie
Team Captain: Kathleen Attardo

Team Name:  Team DuetteNYC
Team Captain: Janice Caillet

Team Name:  Team Forever Young
Team Captain: Nancy Cook

Team Name:  Team Ross
Team Captain: Briana Buckley

Team Name:  Tommy Fuss Team
Team Captain: RoseMary Fuss

Team Name:  AFSP Michigan Chapter
Team Captain: Vicky Mennare

Team Name:  Currie
Team Captain: Joanna Currie

Team Name:  Gerrys girls
Team Captain: Stephanie Peterson

Currently, we do not have any open Mississippi Teams. Contact us now to create an open team in your area.

Team Name:  Team Chris
Team Captain: Karen Ruiz

Team Name:  UrEnuff
Team Captain: Connie Beery