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Teams Open to Solo Participants

Open Teams: Alabama - Montana

Team Name:  AFSP Alabama Chapter
Team Captain: Valerie Fesh

Team Name:  AFSP Alaska
Team Captain: James Biela

Team Name:  Captain Awesome, Friends, and Family
Team Captain: Dan Voice

Team Name:  Team Sam
Team Captain: Jackie Gonzalez

Currently, we do not have any open Arkansas Teams. Contact us now to create an open team in your area.

Team Name:  AFSP Greater Bay Area Chapter Team
Team Captain: Heather Freitas

Team Name:  Forget-Sharon-Not
Team Captain: Marsha Grilli

Team Name:  I.M.A.G.E. Balance
Team Captain: Noemi Benitez

Team Name:  Laferriere
Team Captain: Maurice Laferriere

Team Name:  Mountain Goats
Team Captain: Kelly Dixon

Team Name:  Saipriya
Team Captain: Ramani Rangavajhula

Team Name:  Team Colma
Team Captain: John Goodwin

Team Name:  Team “Who Bang?”
Team Captain: Ashley Woolley

Team Name:  Todd's Strength
Team Captain: Adrienne Curayag

Team Name:  Dbd
Team Captain: Kelly Steinkellner

Team Name:  Team Trog
Team Captain: Joy Short

Team Name:  AFSP CT: Hearts for Hope & Healing
Team Captain: Traci Boiselle

Team Name:  Anthony's Team
Team Captain: Lucille Accetta

Team Name:  Damian’s Warriors
Team Captain: Charity Wilson

Team Name:  Let’s Talk About It
Team Captain: Gina Folino

Team Name:  SMILE
Team Captain: Kelly Brewer

Team Name:  Team BMS/Team Aaron
Team Captain: Vincent Marbury

Team Name:  Team Michael
Team Captain: Barbara Melotto

Team Name:  Team Nicole LoStocco
Team Captain: Laurie LoStocco

Team Name:  Team Wyatt
Team Captain: Rich Marshall

Team Name:  The Living Proof
Team Captain: Leann Duggan

Team Name:   The Protector LCPL Idris Crumpler
Team Captain: Dominique Mcgregor

Team Name:  Tutu Much Stigma
Team Captain: Heather Sayers

Team Name:  Valkyries LYFE
Team Captain: Amy Abbott

Team Name:  In Memory of Blain Austin Kurucz
Team Captain: Anthony Bozzi

Team Name:  McKean High School
Team Captain: Elizabeth Mikolajczyk

Team Name:  AFSP North Florida Chapter Team
Team Captain: Kimberly McGee

Team Name:  AFSP SE FL umttr, Your Life Matters
Team Captain: Susan Rosenstock

Team Name:  Believe it
Team Captain: Kimberly Lamke

Team Name:  Helen Rose
Team Captain: Drew Tidwell

Team Name:  Big Blue Skies
Team Captain: Jordan Engeseth

Team Name:  Inspired by Eric
Team Captain: Lisa Wilkerson

Team Name:  Jay Jay Dunham III
Team Captain: Kimberly Dunham

Currently, we do not have any open Hawaii Teams. Contact us now to create an open team in your area.

Currently, we do not have any open Idaho Teams. Contact us now to create an open team in your area.

Team Name:  Mountain Sunrisers
Team Captain: Sandra Cannon

Team Name:  Project Channie
Team Captain: Aliza Neumann

Team Name:  Teenage Mutant Ninja Tonys
Team Captain: Alex Anne Mastroni

Team Name:  You Are Enough
Team Captain: Adison Schwartz

Currently, we do not have any open Indiana Teams. Contact us now to create an open team in your area.

Currently, we do not have any open Iowa Teams. Contact us now to create an open team in your area.

Currently, we do not have any open Kansas Teams. Contact us now to create an open team in your area.

Team Name:  Now I Can See The Moon
Team Captain: Alexis Gearheart

Team Name:  Team AFSP Kentucky
Team Captain: Susan Kinny

Team Name:  DREAM Team
Team Captain: Raela Villanueva

Currently, we do not have any open Maine Teams. Contact us now to create an open team in your area.

Team Name:  AFSP Maryland
Team Captain: Susan Maskaleris

Team Name:  Beautiful Souls
Team Captain: Michelle Boothe

Team Name:  Break the Silence
Team Captain: Samantha Miklaszewski

Team Name:  Christopher's Travelers
Team Captain: Larissa Puryear

Team Name:  Dancing for Life
Team Captain: Alana LaBel

Team Name:  Elle’s Dragons
Team Captain: Sherri Odegaarden

Team Name:  Erie Insurance Silver Spring
Team Captain: Patricia Brannon

Team Captain: Valencia Jones

Team Name:  Greater Consciousness
Team Captain: Karen McConnell-Jones

Team Name:  Healing and Hope 2023
Team Captain: Jessica Weinberg

Team Name:  Health Equity Jazz
Team Captain: Jasmine Leonard

Team Name:  I Am Abra
Team Captain: Jennifer Roberts

Team Name:  If Love Could Have Saved You
Team Captain: Heather Johnson-Skrivanek

Team Name:  In Memory of Rafo
Team Captain: Daniel Cotlear

Team Name:  Jay Kulkarni Forever
Team Captain: Arun Kulkarni

Team Name:  Keep Hope Alive
Team Captain: Jessica Sachs

Team Name:  Kmoh
Team Captain: Kihika Hyerar

Team Name:  Known and Loved
Team Captain: Rebecca Caudill

Team Name:  Life After Trauma
Team Captain: Bridgett Neamo

Team Name:  Live 4 Tomorrow
Team Captain: Angela Donovan

Team Name:  Love is the Movement
Team Captain: Elizabeth Fuchsman

Team Name:  Make Mental Matter for Gary W. Siler
Team Captain: Tori Siler

Team Name:  Marching for Michael
Team Captain: Mia Showker

Team Name:  Margaret's Mission
Team Captain: Dorcas Matowe

Team Name:  Midnight Warriors
Team Captain: Raizel B Sanders

Team Name:  Mom on a Mission
Team Captain: Julia Royster

Team Name:  Nelson By Knight
Team Captain: William Nelson

Team Name:  One Man Band
Team Captain: Erica Vincent

Team Name:  P.S. You are Loved
Team Captain: Nathaniel Smith

Team Name:  Para Ti
Team Captain: Isaleny Delgadillo

Team Name:  Peanut's Team
Team Captain: Amanda Leach

Team Name:  Phoenix of Aveda
Team Captain: Arika Rhoades-Sahadeo

Team Name:  ProMD Helps
Team Captain: Scott Melamed

Team Name:  Rad Walkers
Team Captain: Aaron Esworthy

Team Name:  Ricki and George Walking Again!
Team Captain: George Henschel

Team Name:  Side by Side
Team Captain: Nadia Jones

Team Name:  Sistas
Team Captain: Pam Virgil

Team Name:  Soup du Jour
Team Captain: Heather Leadbetter

Team Name:  Staying Alive
Team Captain: Ruthena Milbourne

Team Name:  Team Aiden
Team Captain: Matthew Alexander

Team Name:  Team Chase Roeble
Team Captain: Sharon Roeble

Team Name:  Team Darby
Team Captain: Geannine Darby

Team Name:  Team Jennifer & Stanley Porter
Team Captain: Stanley Porter

Team Name:  Team Kea
Team Captain: T-Kea Blackman

Team Name:  Terps for Rob
Team Captain: Earl Cabellon

Team Name:  Unity N Action
Team Captain: Sharon Green

Team Name:  Von's Dream Team
Team Captain: Jewel Douglass

Team Name:  Walk4Kaitlyn
Team Captain: Erin Thurnes

Team Name:  We love KC
Team Captain: Molly Carroll

Team Name:  AFSP Massachusetts
Team Captain: Michele Lee

Team Name:  Healing Together
Team Captain: Jaclyn Harrison

Team Name:  Light and Love
Team Captain: Laci Gentry

Team Name:  Liz Moughan - Name TBD
Team Captain: Liz Moughan

Team Name:  Nick's Patriots
Team Captain: Eleicea McPhee

Team Name:  Nick's Team
Team Captain: Olivia Trull

Team Name:  Silver Linings
Team Captain: Brittany LaPointe

Team Name:  Sophie’s Cupcakes
Team Captain: Rachel Donohue

Team Name:  Team Charlie
Team Captain: Kathleen Attardo

Team Name:  Team Forever Young
Team Captain: Nancy Cook

Team Name:  Team Harry
Team Captain: MaryBeth Conway

Team Name:  Team Joey
Team Captain: Phyllis Sawicki

Team Name:  Team Munro
Team Captain: Olivia Munro

Team Name:  Team Sammy
Team Captain: Mariovy Gonzalez

Team Name:  Tommy Fuss Team
Team Captain: RoseMary Fuss

Team Name:  We Are The Light
Team Captain: Beth Murphy

Team Name:  WtWP
Team Captain: Evelyn Gonzalez

Team Name:  🌟 Team Brenda 🌟
Team Captain: Ginger Hanson

Team Name:  AFSP Michigan Chapter
Team Captain: Anne Perry

Team Name:  Team Debbi
Team Captain: Morgan Chavez

Team Name:  Team Riley
Team Captain: Mary Branstrom

Team Name:  This is the Way
Team Captain: Kelly Whalen

Currently, we do not have any open Mississippi Teams. Contact us now to create an open team in your area.

Currently, we do not have any open Missouri Teams. Contact us now to create an open team in your area.

Team Name:  Start.Grow.Thrive.™
Team Captain: Jennifer Webber