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Teams Open to Washington, D.C. Solo Participants

Open Teams: Nebraska - Wyoming

Team Name:  Stronger Together
Team Captain: Jennifer Moffett

Currently, we do not have any open Nevada Teams. Contact us now to create an open team in your area.

Team Name:  Adam Reinhart
Team Captain: Kelly Flanders

Team Name:  AFSP New Hampshire
Team Captain: Emily Feugill

Team Name:  Griffins Give Hope
Team Captain: Lynn Griffin

Team Name:  Hike with Mike
Team Captain: Karen Lautenschlager

Team Name:  Kory M. Hays
Team Captain: Kelly D'Errico

Team Name:  Pease and friends
Team Captain: Nick Bertell

Team Name:  RUCK UP
Team Captain: Anthony [AJ] Paige

Team Name:  Shin Derek
Team Captain: Hilary Somers

Team Name:  Yankee Scrapper Girls
Team Captain: Liz Ellingwood

Team Name:  #MillerStrong
Team Captain: Marleen Miller Lynch

Team Name:  #TheHappyTurtle
Team Captain: Brianna Wagner

Team Name:  Butterflies 🦋 for CNW, AS, RM and BK
Team Captain: Felicia Johnson

Team Name:  Disco Lou's Electric Boogalo
Team Captain: Nicole Tavares

Team Name:  Dreamers & Believers
Team Captain: Nikki Toughill

Team Name:  Grampy’s Girls
Team Captain: Panagiota GiannosFtikas

Team Name:  In Loving Memory of David Uman
Team Captain: Jessica Israel

Team Name:  Live 4 Tomorrow
Team Captain: Donna Bonk

Team Name:  NorthStar
Team Captain: Lauren Turano

Team Name:  Royal Fight
Team Captain: Mary Beth Burke

Team Name:  The Eagles
Team Captain: Carrie Eagle

Team Name:  The NYC Sunflowers
Team Captain: Michelle Meola

Team Name:  The Powerful Penguins
Team Captain: Kimberly Conklin

Team Name:  We Walk for Noah
Team Captain: Yoni Samuel-Siegel

Team Name:  We’re Walking Here
Team Captain: Bridget Carlson

Team Name:  You're Not Alone
Team Captain: Victoria Campbell

Team Name:  Awareness Warriors of New Mexico
Team Captain: Maria Rogahn

Team Name:  #MilesforMyles
Team Captain: Kit Turner

Team Name:  AFSP Capital Region NY Chapter
Team Captain: Jen Hoffman

Team Name:  AFSP Long Island Chapter
Team Captain: Anne Deubel

Team Name:  AFSP National & D.C. Office
Team Captain: Kate Vienne

Team Name:  AFSP NYC
Team Captain: Hannah Moch

Team Name:  AFSP Western NY
Team Captain: Tracy Burkovich

Team Name:  Fender
Team Captain: Allison Sohan

Team Name:  For Brandi
Team Captain: Heather Fisher

Team Captain: Rich Specht

Team Name:  In a League of our Own
Team Captain: Mindy Davidson

Team Name:  Kats_tales
Team Captain: Katerina Forli

Team Name:  Keep Going
Team Captain: Jackee Czuprynski

Team Name:  Kisses from Heaven
Team Captain: Caroline Roche

Team Name:  Mind Over Miles
Team Captain: Annie Galiani

Team Name:  NoEndingsInLight (NEIL)
Team Captain: Catherine Acevedo

Team Name:  Parents Who Lost A Child to Suicide
Team Captain: Marcia Resnick

Team Name:  Tara's Team
Team Captain: Patti Ann Dempsey

Team Name:  Team Chenango
Team Captain: Maggie Gregory

Team Name:  Team DiAna
Team Captain: Carly Pisarri

Team Name:  Team Dream
Team Captain: David Huber

Team Name:  Team Hurricane
Team Captain: Bill McGovern

Team Name:  Team Paul
Team Captain: Tyler Privler

Team Name:  Team Rise Up
Team Captain: Deborah Bernardini

Team Name:  Team S4L (Service Members 4 Life)
Team Captain: Saeed Mustafa

Team Name:  Team Trevor
Team Captain: Elizabeth Frost

Team Name:  Team Will G.
Team Captain: Pamela Gottheld

Team Name:  Tre of Life
Team Captain: Liz Stiglianese

Team Name:  Whelan-Tankleff
Team Captain: Marty Tankleff

Team Name:  #MyAdidas
Team Captain: Khym Preston

Team Name:  AFSP North Carolina
Team Captain: Vanessa Bassett

Team Name:  Brian Stearns
Team Captain: Katrina Stearns

Team Name:  Revolution to Stop Suicide
Team Captain: Donna Gray

Team Name:  Rockin Babes
Team Captain: Judy Lott

Team Name:  Team Duffy Twins
Team Captain: Molly Brewer

Team Name:  Team Momma Bears
Team Captain: Cindy Marcello

Team Name:  Team Smego
Team Captain: Kyle Smego

Currently, we do not have any open North Dakota Teams. Contact us now to create an open team in your area.

Team Name:  A2J's
Team Captain: Amy Plummer-Preuer

Team Name:  Bearcats Walk to Support Those Who Cant
Team Captain: Elise Keeler

Team Name:  Friends of Lisa
Team Captain: Paul Mahaffy

Team Name:  Toledo Ohio
Team Captain: Emily Myers

Team Name:  Mau Loa Ohana
Team Captain: Shalaina Jackson

Team Name:  AFSP Oregon
Team Captain: Angela Perry

Team Name:  Team Jake Millertime
Team Captain: Amy Micheletti

Team Name:  #NoShameInBrainPain
Team Captain: Cailey Crusemire

Team Name:  Amor Vincit Omnia
Team Captain: Kelly Loftus

Team Name:  Blessed by Brian
Team Captain: Gabriella Fabish

Team Name:  Corinne's Crusaders
Team Captain: Jennifer Bender

Team Name:  David W Duke - For You and Others
Team Captain: Karen Duke

Team Name:  Fadden and Friends
Team Captain: Erin Fadden

Team Name:  Find the Light- In Memory of Katt Savoca
Team Captain: Sara Thomson

Team Name:  Fly Kyle Fly
Team Captain: Ryan Carey

Team Name:  Here for You
Team Captain: Raquel Johnson-DeVera

Team Name:  In Honor of Austin Ramos
Team Captain: Ian Lawrence

Team Name:  King Julian
Team Captain: Jennifer Selman

Team Name:  Morrow strine
Team Captain: Roxanna Strine

Team Name:  Remembering J.J.
Team Captain: Joy Lesnick

Team Name:  S.P.I.R.I.T.
Team Captain: Catharyn Turner, II

Team Name:  Sassy at 60
Team Captain: Kimberly Burress

Team Name:  Skipping Jacks
Team Captain: Kimberlee Tonetti

Team Name:  Team Bonny
Team Captain: Mikayla Kilts

Team Name:  Team LD
Team Captain: Jennifer Tanner

Team Name:  Team S.O.L.E.S. (Washington)
Team Captain: Deborah Rose

Team Name:  Team Snoopy
Team Captain: Alicia Bacchi

Team Name:  Twelve 23
Team Captain: Jennifer Hedrick

Team Name:  Walking for Tomorrow
Team Captain: Emily Lanning

Team Name:  Walking Team BAMs
Team Captain: Tina Rothe

Team Name:  AFSP Rhode Island
Team Captain: Keely Taylor

Team Name:  Team ZB
Team Captain: Brenna Travis

Team Name:  In Memory of Cory Drews
Team Captain: Donna Drews

Team Name:  Team Chad
Team Captain: Ami Infinger

Team Name:  We Are Team Jake
Team Captain: Roger Pennycuff

Currently, we do not have any open South Dakota Teams. Contact us now to create an open team in your area.

Currently, we do not have any open Tennessee Teams. Contact us now to create an open team in your area.

Team Name:  AFSP North Texas
Team Captain: William Floyd

Team Name:  AFSP West Texas Walking to Save Lives
Team Captain: Amber Stafford

Team Name:  Chappell's Hope
Team Captain: Sarah Hope

Team Name:  Remembering Matthew
Team Captain: Kathy Lantz

Team Name:  Sisterhood of Survivors (SOS)
Team Captain: Lesley Judkins

Team Name:  Team SOLOS
Team Captain: Crystal Cardwell

Team Name:  The Guitar Heroes
Team Captain: Chloe Stevens

Team Name:  AFSP Utah- Hope saves lives
Team Captain: Taryn Hiatt

Team Name:  Kyra’s Stars
Team Captain: Danielle Greene

Team Name:  Moxie Pest Control Team Jessica
Team Captain: Kristen Walton

Team Name:  You are Loved
Team Captain: Heidi Kern

Team Name:  AFSP Vermont
Team Captain: Christy Moore

Team Name:  #MilesForNicole
Team Captain: Jennifer Clardy Chalmers

Team Name:  1 Peter 2:9
Team Captain: Vanessa Coleman

Team Name:  519 Strong
Team Captain: Lisa Sanchez

Team Name:  80s Rockers
Team Captain: Russell Christensen

Team Name:  Allie’s Wonderland
Team Captain: Kelly McConnell

Team Name:  Awaken Tribe
Team Captain: Jill McCluskey

Team Name:  Cliff's Crew
Team Captain: Edward McPike

Team Name:  DizzleMANIA
Team Captain: Thomas Kalchik

Team Name:  Doing It for DJ
Team Captain: Stephanie Taylor

Team Name:  For Jamie
Team Captain: Anna Finley

Team Name:  Friends of Defense Suicide Prevention
Team Captain: Liz Clark

Team Name:  Legion Fighters
Team Captain: Marques Jones

Team Name:  Mikes Posse
Team Captain: Mary Bell

Team Name:  Not Today
Team Captain: Kathryn Mcvicker

Team Name:  PHPedestrians
Team Captain: Leslie Marasco

Team Name:  Praise the Sun
Team Captain: Renee Moore

Team Name:  Project Joshua
Team Captain: Jerusha Mitchell

Team Name:  Remembering Jeff
Team Captain: Jennifer Rayburn

Team Name:  Rewrite the Fight
Team Captain: Morgan Lueck

Team Name:  Sunstone Counseling
Team Captain: Amy Clay

Team Name:  Supportive Souls
Team Captain: Amanda Reichard

Team Name:  Team
Team Captain: Molly Rubin

Team Name:  Team Darrien
Team Captain: Regina Bratton

Team Name:  Team family & friends
Team Captain: Chris Pietras

Team Name:  Team Fuel: End The Stigma
Team Captain: Lori Zukin

Team Name:  Team LTH
Team Captain: Leila Benitez

Team Name:  Team MK
Team Captain: Brandee Lewis

Team Name:  The Ivan W. Berrey Crew
Team Captain: Robert McFadden

Team Name:  The JAMES Gang
Team Captain: Megan Lugo

Team Name:  The Perez Family
Team Captain: Christina Perez

Team Name:  Walkers from Rome
Team Captain: Sunny Rome

Team Name:  Walking 4 Werner
Team Captain: Kim Fischer Werner

Team Name:  Warr;ors Not Alone
Team Captain: Joseph Yoon

Team Name:  We Don't Know, We Just Go.
Team Captain: Karen Smith

Team Name:  YEET
Team Captain: Elizabeth Beutell

Team Name:  You Have a Halo
Team Captain: Marianne Nazzaro

Currently, we do not have any open Washington Teams. Contact us now to create an open team in your area.

Team Name:  AFSP GW
Team Captain: Prudence Lindbergh

Team Name:  AFSP Team NCAC
Team Captain: Sarah Kurtz

Team Name:  AUWCL
Team Captain: David Jaffe

Team Name:  Be A Good Neighbor
Team Captain: Zoe Lewczak

Team Name:  In Honor of Dr. Peter David Tripp
Team Captain: Chelsea Van Thof

Team Name:  In Memory of Dr. Antonette “Toni” Brown
Team Captain: Lena Johnson

Team Name:  Liam and Johnny Team
Team Captain: Sandi Vallely

Team Name:  Sunny/Shannon
Team Captain: Shannon Jordan

Team Name:  Team Brendon
Team Captain: Elizabeth McReady

Team Name:  Team Rose
Team Captain: Savannah Gross

Team Name:  The Next Step
Team Captain: Kevin Lo

Team Name:  Turner Construction
Team Captain: Corbin Jackson

Team Name:  Walk Talk Love
Team Captain: Meryl Heyliger

Team Name:  We Are Awesome
Team Captain: Mary Terzian

Team Name:  Britt
Team Captain: Barbara Robinette

Team Name:  AFSP Wisconsin Chapter
Team Captain: Roger Rodriguez

Team Name:  Barrientos
Team Captain: Ashley Barrientos

Team Name:  It Takes Two
Team Captain: Phillip Belongia

Currently, we do not have any open Wyoming Teams. Contact us now to create an open team in your area.