“You are actually a spirit that has come to earth to have a human experience; and when you are finished, You will return home.”

Michael made the decision to return home without letting us know.  In June, 2014, Michael took his life after struggling for many years with mental illness and addiction.  No one truly understands what a person with mental illness goes through, as each case is as unique as that individual.  And that is one reason why the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention is such an important organization.  Their mission:  Save lives and bring hope to those affected by suicide.

Did you know that one in four people suffer from some form of mental illness?  Or that suicide is the 10th leading cause of death in the United States?  For every suicide, 25 attempt.  I want to help those 25 people and beyond.

As I begin my fund raising for my 3rd walk, I am again reminded of how many people I have talked to since Michael passed away and how many have indicated they know someone struggling the same way Michael did or have died by suicide.  I’ve decided to take this to the next level and cast a wider net to bring awareness.

On May 21, 2017, I will be hosting a music fund raising event at All Saints Church in Princeton, NJ, titled, ‘Viaggio:  A Transatlantic Love Affair’ in memory of Michael.  I will be collecting a ‘free will’ offering at the event, of which the proceeds will be donated to the AFSP.  I encourage all my donors to attend the event if possible, and to forward information regarding the event to others you feel would enjoy an afternoon of music performed by two very accomplished musicians from the company, A Moment for Music.

Thank you for your support as I continue my journey to help the AFSP reach their goal of lowering the suicide rate by 20% by the year 2025.

Peace and Hope


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