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Thanks to all, for stopping by,

As this is the 4th Overnight Walk, that I seek to try;

Suicide has claimed, far too many of our friends,

Family, children, spouses, and veterans;

So I reach out for collections, both near and far,

From those that sit right beside me, to my Diablo gaming family from afar;

While I do not know why, some make that unchangeable choice,

I am confident, that with this charity drive, we can raise our unified voice;

And give words to the silent, provide courage to the ashamed,

Give a family to the lonely, be a collective for the estranged;

To continue the research, figure out what we need,

To finally eradicate suicide, as is the goal of the AFSP

So please donate something, any little bit goes a long way,

As I prepare to walk 16 miles plus on June 22rd, in Boston MA;

And as I walk through the streets of Boston, happily wearing my Yankees gear,

We shall all be proud knowing, that we have taken steps to prevent further suicide tears;


Ronen (ysoserious to my online family)