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Ella's Sunflowers (Solomon Thomas' Donation Page)

Ella's Sunflowers 2019 Overnight Walk - San Francisco


Thank you so much for your generosity and support! For every dollar you donate to the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention, I will match it up to $20,000. Let's come together to stop suicide.

On June 8th, we will be walking 16 miles in San Francisco to raise money for the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention. We are joining the Out of the Darkness Overnight Walk because on January 23rd, 2018 our world was forever changed.  Ella Elizabeth Thomas died by suicide that morning.  

Ella had the biggest heart. She loved everyone. We went to San Francisco on vacation once and spent hours wandering around because Ella wanted to give a dollar to every homeless person she saw. She forgave every boy who broke her heart and every friend who did 
her wrong. On the day she took her own life, a police officer handed me her phone and told me that the last texts she sent before she died were to two friends struggling with depression. She was trying to help them.

Ella was about love.  She exuded love to everyone around her.  She was strong and tough, unbelievably hilarious, honest to her core, gifted with people, and stunningly gorgeous. Ella carried a world around her.   Everywhere she went the world changed.  She was the kind of woman who made every person feel like the most important person to her. She was a gift to all of us who knew and loved her, and there are so many of us.

We are fundraising to benefit the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention. Net proceeds will help those affected by suicide and mental health conditions by supporting research, advocacy, survivor resources, education, and awareness programs.

We walk not only because of what has happened to Ella and our family; we walk because we want to help others, we walk for those who can't, we walk for those who can't speak. We want others to have better information and resources. We want to make this a better world.  Please help us in support of those who suffer.

Losing one more person to suicide is one too many. Ella wouldn't want that. We want to live the rest of our lives in a way that would make her proud.  We want to help as many people as possible. That is why we thank you for your donation. It WILL make a difference.

With Gratitude, 

Martha, Chris and Solomon Thomas

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