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17 years

17 years - Tommy’s lifetime with us


17 years – Survivors, the time living without Tommy


17 years - Participating in the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention’s Out of the Darkness Overnight


November 3, 2006 changed our lives forever. An unspeakable tragic loss. A loss of a precious adolescent who had so much to live for and so much to offer. A loss to all who loved and knew him. I buried a part of me with Tommy but a part of Tommy lives on in me, as I’m sure it does in the lives of those he touched. I see Tommy in the lives of family and friends – as they graduated from college, as they embarked on careers, as they married and as they had children of their own. Always wondering, ‘what if…’.


For the past 17 years Dan and I are doing everything we possibly can to move the needle, to understand the causes of mental illnesses, to find the biomarkers that will identify and diagnosis, translate into effective treatments, improve the lives of those who suffer and prevent the loss of precious lives from suicide.


This year marks our 17th collaboration with the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention – raising awareness, and raising the funds necessary for research and programming. Thank you for your past generosity. Help us to continue to push the needle – talk to those who may be suffering, listen to them and help them seek the help they need. Your donation today will help The Tommy Fuss Team and the AFSP reduce the rate of suicide in the United States 20% by 2025.


Please support the Tommy Fuss Team by donating to any of our team members.

With love and appreciation,


For more information about the Tommy Fuss Team go to www.tommyfussteam.org