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The Overnight Virtual Experience - Frequently Asked Questions

Thank you for your patience and understanding as we host our second Overnight Virtual Experience.

Below are some of the most frequently asked questions we're hearing so far. Please stay tuned, as we'll be providing additional updates as the 2021 season progresses.

  • Why is The Overnight virtual? Your safety and well-being is our top priority, and the current situation means we cannot guarantee them with an in-person event this year. 
  • What is the registration fee? The registration fee is $20.21, the lowest registration fee we've ever offered.
  • What is the registration fee used for? Your registration fee will offset administrative costs, so all funds you raise will be used for suicide prevention resources and initiatives. 
  • Do I need to meet my individual fundraising minimum to participate? No, there will not be a fundraising requirement to participate in the The Overnight Virtual Experience. Our cause is more important than ever, and every dollar you raise allows AFSP to continue our life-saving work. Contact your Walker Coaches if you would like extra fundraising tips. 
  • Can my family and friends join The Overnight Virtual Experience? Yes! One of the benefits of creating a virtual experience is that we have the ability to reach even more people and show them what it means to be part of a community passionate about hope and healing. Anyone who’d like to join us for the 2021 Overnight Virtual Experience can register as a Virtual Participant online here
  • Will we be walking all night in our hometown? No. As mentioned, your safety is our top priority and we strongly discourage anyone from walking at night (from sunset to sunrise) without the route support offered at The Overnight. We are working on incorporating a walk option into our Virtual Overnight Experience program - stay tuned for more information. We also encourage you to avoid walking in groups and to follow city guidelines regarding COVID-19.
  • What will the Virtual Overnight Experience look like? 

    The Virtual Overnight Experience will have four main components:

    • Physical: One of the top most important parts of The Overnight for our participants is walking 16+ miles or taking action for our important cause. We are working on some exciting ways to train and complete activities for the 2021 Overnight Virtual Experience. Stay tuned for more information. 
    • Fundraising Milestones: There is no fundraising minimum requirement this year for The Overnight Virtual Experience. However, we encourage you to fundraise so AFSP can continue life-saving work and provide programs for suicide prevention. Your fundraising will impact the course of suicide prevention for years to come. We will be there to encourage you and offer fundraising rewards as you cross different milestones.
    • Event Program: The Overnight is important to us all, so we want to make sure you have the best experience possible during The Overnight Virtual Experience. The event weekend is an important time to honor loved ones and ourselves, connect with our community, and experience hope and healing. 
    • Social Engagement: We know not everyone uses social media, but in this time of physical distancing, social media is a way for our community to come together to support one another. We will host opportunities to connect with one another and share our Overnight experiences on social media and Zoom for registered participants throughout the season. 

  • I wanted to volunteer or crew. Can I still participate? We encourage you to register for the Virtual event! Everyone is welcome.