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Boston Overnight Walk: Open Teams

One of the most unique and powerful aspects of the Overnight Walk is the sense of community present when participants from all across the country unite with the common goal of breaking the silence surrounding suicide and mental health. Joining a team can enhance your Overnight experience by introducing you to new people so that you can begin forming bonds before The Overnight. We have several teams every year that are open to welcoming solo participants. If you have any questions, please contact your Overnight Walker Coaches at [email protected].

AFSP Chapter Teams:

Team Name:  AFSP - Alabama
Team Captain: Holly Sherrod

Team Name:  AFSP Alaska
Team Captain: James Biela

Team Name:  AFSP Connecticut
Team Captain: Anne Romano

Team Name:  AFSP Greater Central NY
Team Captain: Deb France

Team Name:  AFSP Greater Sacramento
Team Captain: Mary Davis

Team Name: AFSP Indiana
Team Captain: Jennifer Amos

Team Name:  AFSP Kentucky
Team Captain: Susan Kinny

Team Name:  AFSP Maine Chapter
Team Captain: Sally Steinhagen

Team Name:  AFSP Maryland
Team Captain: Susan Maskaleris

Team Name:  AFSP Massachusetts
Team Captain: Michele Lee

Team Name:  AFSP Minnesota Chapter
Team Captain: Amanda Leininger

Team Name: AFSP National Staff & Friends
Team Captain: Kate Silverberg

Team Name:  AFSP Team NCAC
Team Captain: Sarah Kurtz

Team Name: AFSP Nebraska Chapter
Team Captain: Jennifer Moffett

Team Name:  AFSP North Carolina
Team Captain: Dennis Tackett

Team Name:  AFSP North Florida Chapter
Team Captain: Kimberly McGee

Team Name:  AFSP North Texas Chapter
Team Captain: Stephanie Duck

Team Name:  AFSP NYC
Team Captain: Hannah Moch

Team Name: AFSP Team New Hampshire Chapter
Team Captain: Kerry Arseneaux

Team Name:  AFSP Oregon Chapter
Team Captain: Angela Perry

Team Name:  In Memory of JB and JV (AFSP RI Chapter)
Team Captain: Melissa Ames

Team Name:  AFSP Vermont
Team Captain: Christy Moore

Team Name:  AFSP Western New York Chapter
Team Captain: Tracy Burkovich

Team Name: AFSP Wisconsin Chapter
Team Captain: Gena Orlando


List of Open Teams By State

Teams Based in MassachusettsTeams in States A-MTeams in States N-Z

Open Teams by Reason for Walking:

Team Name: Sisterhood of Survivors (SOS)
Team Captain: Lesley Judkins
Sisterhood of Survivors

Team Name:  Team Hope
Team Captain: Geannine Darby
We are open to anyone who wants to walk with us - to talk as we walk, walk in silence together, whether sibling survivors like us, first-time or repeat Walkers, anyone who would like a little support and/or companionship as they walk. You don't have to walk alone.

Team Name:  Team SOLOS
Team Captain: Brittany Foster
Survivors of loved ones lost to suicide.

Team Name: WARR;ORS Not Alone
Team Captain: Joseph Yoon
ALL are welcome to join this team in memory of others, in support of mental health awareness, or to honor your own story; this team would love to have you as we spread hope and awareness.

Team Name:  Wonder Women
Team Captain: Nancy Laste
Family and Friends of LGBTQIA+ youth and veterinary professionals! All are welcome!


If you are a team captain and would like your team listed, please contact Erin at [email protected].

If you would like to make a donation to an individual on a closed team, you can find a list of all Overnight Walk Teams here.