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Use Social Media to Meet and Exceed Your Fundraising Goal

We've taken away the guess work by creating sample posts for you to use on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. Make sure to use the hashtag #OvernightWalk, so you can find and interact with your fellow participants. Below are also different graphics to use while posting! Click the links below to learn more.

  • Create your Facebook Fundraiser today through your DonorDrive page.
  • Reach out to everyone you're connected to on Facebook. You never know who has been affected by suicide and mental health conditions.

1. When you share your fundraising page, personally reach out to each of your friends that like your status. They may be more inclined to donate after you have a conversation about the cause.

2. Post your own Overnight inspired video clip. Include a caption: "I’m participating in the #OvernightWalk to fight suicide. Please help me reach my goal by donating to this awesome cause [Insert your link]"

3. Make your own Facebook Group! Create a group or an event where your friends can stay up to date on your progress. Include the link to your fundraising page and update the group on each donation that you receive towards your goal. Don’t forget to invite the group to train with you! You can even post pictures of your training walks.

4. Encourage your friends to share the link to your fundraising page on their Facebook Wall. The more they share your page, the more people you inspire to support the cause. When sharing your page, include a status: “I’m $X away from meeting my fundraising goal for the #OvernightWalk to fight suicide. Please share my fundraising page and donate to help me reach my goal.”

5. Create a Facebook Fundraiser through your DonorDrive page. Make sure to read our Facebook FAQ to make sure your page is linked properly. 

Have you linked your fundraising page to Twitter yet?

1. “The #OvernightWalk is almost here! Donate today to help me reach my fundraising goal. #StopSuicide #AFSP [Insert your link]

2. Tweet while training: “On mile X of my training for the #OvernightWalk! Donate to help me reach my goal, I'm only $X away [Insert your link]” Include photos to update your followers on your miles walked.

3. Thank your donors by shouting them out in your tweets.

Below are graphics for you to share along with your social media posts, in emails, and text messages. Promote the event, your fundraising, and participation today with AFSP graphics and graphics specifically for The Overnight.

  • Graphics to share with donors and supporters about how AFSP uses funds raised





  • Venmo Graphics to share with on social media as a fundraising tool


  • Use these fundraising graphics to ask for donations and support




  • Use thank you graphics to show your appreciation to donors



  • Use these graphics to share your story and why your participation is important







  • Use these recruitment graphics to invite family, friends, coworkers, and others to join you




  • Use birthday graphics to fundraise in honor of your day!




AFSP Social Graphics



On Instagram? Add the link to your fundraising page to your bio and try out some of our Insta-Idea.

Boston Commons


1. Share our infographics on Instagram with the caption: “Help me fight suicide by donating to the #OvernightWalk. Link is in my bio.”

2. Share a picture of you in your Overnight shirt encouraging your followers to help you meet your goal with the caption: “Thank you to everyone who has already donated. I am $X away from my New York City Overnight goal. Please donate to help me reach my goal. Link is in my bio.”

3. Share a picture of your decorated luminaria with the caption: “I’m walking for (Insert your reason) in the #OvernightWalk . Help us reduce the suicide rate #20x2025. Please donate through the link in my bio”

Is your Instagram linked to your Facebook? Don’t forget to share your posts!