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Support RUCK UP in the Boston Overnight

Okay Friends, relatives, and Brothers & Sisters, WE ARE BACK!!....If you have been a part of our Team, or want to join us now,...NOW IS THE TIME!! TEAM RUCK UP NEEDS YOU- this will be our 14th year partnering with AFSP, as part of the the Overnight and the fight against SUICIDE!!!- This year’s Washington D.C. Walk Out of the Darkness is 22d of June!!
We have had some incredible people help us and the Team make this happen in the past, and we need you again.
RUCK UP is a proud partner with the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention [AFSP], and has been for more than 14 years now. The disabled Veterans who comprise most of our Team have raised more than $965,000 dollars in the last 14 years to help AFSP reach it's Goals- ALMOST A MILLION DOLLARS!! We live and breathe the belief that losing EVEN 1 LIFE TO SUICIDE IS TOO MANY!! Our Team members are Veterans, family of Vets, and our dearest children who have been impacted by suicide and loss of our Veterans. Our Team comes from all throughout the US- as American as the Veterans we serve. ALL Walk
 proceeds will help those affected by suicide and mental health conditions by supporting research, advocacy, survivor resources, education, and awareness programs. AFSP has set a bold goal to reduce the suicide rate 20% by the year 2025, and WE are a part of that mission. Being a part of the Team means being a part of something bigger than ourselves.

If you are joining the Team, please contact us at RUCK UP, [or AJ or Aubrey as Team Captains], to help verify your Vet status, arrange your Team Shirt, our hotel set up for the Team, and our pick up Van. [603-903-1255]To be part of this Team, you’ve got to be part of the TEAM’s work.

RUCK UP is more than just the Team- we are a 501c3 of our own, RUCK UP Veteran’s Outreach Center is based in NH. In the last year alone, (along with our fight against suicide), RUCK UP has: 

-Helped New England Veterans and families obtain or keep long term housing, 2018 that was over $5,000 dollars. In 2023 we increased to over 400 cases reviewed and $83,000 in assistance to Veterans!!
- has given more than 2.97 tons of food & clothing to Vets in need in 2023;
- provided more than 2950 free hours of individual and support group counseling to Veterans- more than 80 Veterans on just Group weeks alone;
- fought and WON over $10 million in claims for Vets in the last 6 yrs in SSDI & VA benefits, to include helping them get vocational rehabilitation help at federal & state levels!!!!

AFSP raises awareness, funds scientific research and provides resources and aid to those affected by suicide. Too many people at risk for suicide do not seek help- especially Veterans. We need to find better ways to reach those who suffer, and encourage schools, workplaces, and communities to make mental health a priority. And the VA alone is NOT the answer. And RUCK UP has answered that call - to date being the most involved and outspoken of any Veteran's Organization to do so; fielding Teams to Walk and raising more than $965,000 dollars in the fight against Suicide. As a Veteran's organization, we know too well the number 22-that’s how many veterans take their own lives each day, according to the VA. Multiply that number by the simple days in a year, 365, and the total is OVER 8000- per year, WE ARE LOSING THE WAR AT HOME!!. And many sources have agreed, the VA's quoted number does NOT include all active services losses, or Veterans lost to substance, that the VA doesn't consider suicidal. That number is unreal- and terrifying. That number is also GREATER in one year than the combined losses from all branches of the military combined since 9/11 in all theaters of War.
Each team member is required to fundraise to participate in The Overnight- PLEASE HELP YOUR TEAM GET TO BOSTON THIS YEAR!! To donate online, please choose a team member who has not reached $1,000 by clicking “Roster” above and then clicking on their name. Once on their fundraising page you can click the “Donate” button. Your donations will help support our team in the fight against suicide. You can only donate to an individual on the team, but every donation to one of our team members counts toward our team’s overall fundraising goal. All donations are tax deductible. If you are joining the Team, please contact us at RUCK UP to help verify your Vet status, arrange your Team Shirt, our hotel set up for the Team, and our pick up Van. [603-903-1255]

Go to- https://www.theovernight.org and look up Team RUCK UP


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